Blogtober: Day Twenty-Seven

Hello loves. <3 So today I am suppose to share with you, a few DIY Halloween decorations. I've never done my own before, except making ghosts out of pillowcases... but I thought I'd share with you some ones I found on Pinterest. :)

DIY #1: Pumpkin Flower Pot

It seems like they used a real pumpkin for this, but it says it is faux... Anyways, I found this today and thought it was a great idea!

DIY #2: Cute Spooky Balloons

Just grab a sharpie and get to work, these would look so cute at a Halloween party. :)

DIY #3: Simple Add-ons

This one is so cute! All you need is tissue paper, ribbon, felt, cloth napkins, toilet paper roll, suckers, and you're all set! ;)

Which one was your favorite?


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