Blogtober: Day Twenty-Five

 Hey guys! It's that time of week again, and you know what that means. ;)

I get to tell you all about my week! Ready to hear it? ;)

+ On Monday I...

Went shopping in NYC for my halloween costume with my bestie, TSwizzle. But instead of shopping for halloweeny type clothes, we went ice-skating in Rockeller Center. I only fell seven times.

+ On Tuesday I...

Went on a road-trip through Colorado and met a bear. I fed him teddy grams. 

+ On Wednesday I...

Painted a shadowhunter symbol on the side of the tallest building in the U.S. 

+ On Thursday I...

Went swimming in a water hole on some deserted island, where I befriended a turtle and named him Shelly. 

+ On Friday I...

Decided to go to a football game, where I was kidnapped by scarecrows. Little did they know, I had just had a karate lesson that morning, so my newly learned skills became very useful. 

 + On Saturday I...

Woke up super early and went on a stroll in downtown London with Ed Sheeran, where he performed a song to a family of kittens. 

+ On Sunday I...

Decided to lay low by making Candy Corn Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, which turned out super yummy. 

And that is what I did this week. ;) All of them are lies, except for Sunday. I actually did make candy corn cupcakes and they were really good- I just didn't make them on Sunday. I made them on Saturday. ;)

What was your week like?


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