I want to have a certain hug from a very special person

I want to live in the country

I want to overcome my fears

I want to fall in love { and stay in love }

I want to travel

I want to write a book

I want to be a photographer

I want to have kids

I want to care less

I want to try something I would've never thought of trying

I want to make my family proud

I want to help lower the rates of suicides 

I want to go horseback riding on the beach

I want to leave near a beach

I want to make a complete idiot out of myself in public and not even care

I want to have fun 

I want to jump in a pool, while wearing one of those fancy dresses, just 'cause. 

I want to read a 100 books in a year

I want to make a difference 

I want to leave my mark

I want to be happy

I want to

I want to 

I want to...

But will I ever be able to achieve them? Achieve my dreams? All those wants? 
Maybe... someday...

dream big \\ care small 


  1. This was so inspiring! You're amazing, Kenzie!!!

    1. Thank you soo much Sarah! :)

      I really appreciate it. <3

  2. To amazing for my eyes! Hurry. Go! Go get Niall Horan to kiss me awake when I....I...I! - Dies -

    1. Nooooo! Don't die! D: I'll go get Niall right away! ....*comes back few moments later with Niall and food* Here Niall, kiss her! XD

      Thanks for the awesome comment <3


    2. Alright. Food and Niall? The two hings I want to marry.......

    3. haha, Yes! Score!! Whoop whoop!

      Josh Hutcherson and food <--- now if you could get me those two, I will be happy forever. ;) <3


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