Blogtober: Day Twelve

 Hello my lovely cookies. <3 Today I will be sharing with you my favorite fall scents. I was suppose to share with you a collaboration with a fellow blogger, but I thought I would make that post extra special (meaning: I needed more time), so I traded this day with another day... I hope I am allowed to do that. O.o I'm also doing it with someone super uber special, can you guess who it is in the meantime? ;)

My favorite fall scents are...

+ Apples (they taste good too- I love the red ones best)

+ Cinnamon (with apples- yum)

+ Leaves (the sounds they make beneath your shoes too)

+ Candy wrappers (yes, they have a scent that is its own thing)

+ Chocolate 

+ Campfire (one of my favorites scents, any time of the year)

+ Coffee (Yassss- always)

+ Caramel (always)

+ Pie (apple is my favorite, duh)

+ Book pages (all year long, really)

+ Pumpkins 

+ Pumpkin Spice Latte

+ Costumes (they have a scent, trust me. Not sure it is my favorite though...)

+ That smell (you know, that smell you smell on Halloween- and no, not people's dryer vents)

+ Sweaters...?

Those were some very random scents... let me know if I missed any! What are your favorite fall scents?


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