Blogtober: Day Nineteen

 I totally forgot that I had to post a DIY today. Opposie. Um... well, I've never actually done a DIY before, at least I don't think so? But anyways... I did, however, come up with two yummy DIYs. I don't even know if they are considered a DIY, but I know they are quick and yummy. :) Shall we get started?

1st. DIY Starbucks Iced-Tea Lemonade 

After having Starbucks iced-tea lemonade, I started making my own at home. Here is how I did it:

+ Paul Newman's Regular Lemonade 

+ New Leaf Ice-Tead (unsweetened)

+ Two (or more, if you are like me) teaspoons of SUGAR 

BAM. You got yourself your very own Starbucks Shaken Iced-Tea Lemonade. 

2nd. Pink Chocolate Covered Pretzels

One of my sisters and I made pink chocolate covered pretzels a couple weeks ago, and oh my gosh... they were so yummy! They actually tasted like pancakes. o.O Here's how we did it:

+ Bought Pink Molding Chocolate (then melted it on the stove top)

+ Used Salted Mini Pretzels 

+ Used an Icing Spatula to Help Cover Them with Pinkness (you might not want to dip them because the melted chocolate is really hot and I burnt my finger)

+ Put Them in The Freezer For a Few Minutes

Then TADA! ...great, now I'm craving them.

Anywho... those weren't great DIYs but it was all I could come up with at the last minute. >.< I hope you enjoyed it. Any DIYs you would like to share with me? Lemme know!


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