The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here- no, sadly, it is not free pizza day. Seriously though, when is that going to become a thing?

Anywho; as I was saying... It's here you guys! It's finally here! My Super Duper Awkward Beyond Awkward to the Depth of  Awkwardness Vlog is finally here! Now you all can watch this horribly edited video of my - *shudders*- face talking to you! After five and a half years of blogging, you will finally get to witness me in ~ motion ~.

*awkward pause*

...So yeah, this video is pretty self explanatory. It kinda sucks... Like, really bad. I filmed it on my laptop's webcam (hence the buzzing sound throughout the entire vlog) and the coloring is... meck. The only good thing about it was the music - oh, but wait... YouTube wouldn't let me use that. So there goes my fab Twenty One Pilots and One Direction background music! I could probably film a better vlog for you all but I'm too lazy and... #yolo.

So, without further ado... Here is my very first vlog (I am going to regret this in about two days).

...Um, yeah. I'm sorry you guys had to witness that. But hey, I thought I'd end summer with a bit of a special treat for you all. If this is considered a special treat. o.O

Alright, let's change the topic now before I explode from cringing. So, in just a matter of days (September 1st, I believe? Or is it August 31st?) Freckled Minds will be releasing their zine project, Paper Comets, and I am super excited for you all to see it! I worked really hard on my entry and am actually quite proud of it... The other day I was able to video chat with a few of the lovely contributors to this amazing art society. I apologize, girls, for any embarrassing things I may have said or done. I babble a bit when I'm nervous. o-o But it was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again. <3

I hope you all are enjoying the last bit of summer because SCHOOL STARTS IN LESS THAN A WEEK AND I AM NOT EVEN READY AT ALL. HELP. PLEASE. OKAY. BYE.


Back on the Couch | pt. 2

Back on the couch; we were pressed tightly against each other. Our souls locked tight. My mind could not conjure up a dream of us ever being otherwise. This was it. This was good. We were slowly intertwining ourselves within one another. Twisting. Twining. Connecting. Colliding. Soon, our souls will become one.
But then the sofa pulls out from under us    my hand gripping, slipping, reaching for yours. It's too late. Gravity is tugging us apart, shoving us in opposite directions. You look at me with eyes that say: “Maybe this is how it's supposed to be.”
My throat tightens. Gravity has me by the neck. My hands and feet are bound together    I am unable to move, or speak. I want to shout “NO!” My mind is racing. My heart is clenching. This wasn't how it should be. This was the fear we had buried deep inside us, the one you thought about often but never convinced yourself it could actually become reality. And now, it was seeping out and filling itself into our plans and dreams.
You begin to float away, leaving me captive within the gravity’s hold and the floating (now meaningless) couch. “There's nothing more.” You say. Your eyes are apologetic, which makes me feel so hopeless. My fingers grasp at your body’s delineate. I'm limp now. Our anatomy changes. We’re stretched, shifting and bending into something else.
It’s reality now. We are complete strangers that have nothing left but the imprint of our souls on one another.
We always pass, completely parallel. Never together. Never crossing. Never like before.

What Happened to Us?


who wants to hear my voice?

So, earlier this year I was thinking of doing a vlog. Then I forgot, but now I'm thinking of doing it again. There's no guarantee that I will be doing it for sure, because I still have to figure out what I am going to film it on. BUT... There's like a 90% chance that I'm doing it, so ask me some questions if you'd like. :) They can be weird, random, serious, not serious... Whatever! Just as long as they are-- *darkens voice*-- for all ages. ;) So, get those fingers moving and ask me all the questions you want via commenting or emailing. If you decide to email me, just title the email "Vlog". Also, please let me know if you prefer that I don't mention your name or if you want me to... whatever. :}

Thank you! And have fun askin'. <3


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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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