You Have a Voice, Speak Softly

You may not want to read this only because there's most likely posts upon posts in your newsfeed about this year's election. And don't worry, I feel you.

But I would like to just express my thoughts on the subject before they get tucked in the back part of my brain as I go about my day.

I didn't get to vote. This year would have been my first time voting, and while I've never been interested in politics, I am very upset that I did not have a say in this election. I stupidly missed the registration deadline (which was in October) and I was left watching the election go by without getting to have a say. If this were any other year, I probably would have shrugged it off. But I have grown my own opinion on the subject, and I would like to sprinkle a little of my thoughts on you guys. Ready?

As we go about our days, I want you all to remember that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. Everyone is allowed to respect others' opinions. It's okay to be happy. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to want to be heard.
I want you all to use your voices not for anger but for what you are passionate in. Speak for what you desire most, but please be humble, for this is when we all need each other most. We cannot be quick to judge because then our thoughts would not be apprehended. We must listen in order to be heard.

What we need most right now is love. Love for friends. Love for your family. Love for our country. Love for life.

We only have one life to live, and how treacherous it would be to live it feeling upset and angry and insignificant.

So, as I end this post I'd like for all of us to focus on the positivity and happiness that surrounds us every day. From the people who love you to your current obsession.

Please do not worry. You are heard. 


P.S. How do you all feel about me starting a newsletter in January? Yay or nay?

Halloween 2k16

I love Halloween. Like, you have no idea how much I love it. I love dressing up and putting make-up on. I love the thrill of the preparation, you know?

I used to hate fall. I know, crazy, right? But now I'm a basic white girl so I love fall. I love the clothes and the leaves and the pumpkins and GAH- I love it.

Okay, back to Halloween.

Halloween used to be the reason why I could tolerate fall. But now that I adore fall, I just love the month of October even more!

So, with that said... How would you all like to see my Halloween transformation? ;) This year I wanted to look, well, pretty. I know, that's wrong to say. But what I mean is... I wanted to go as something kind of girly! And who am I to deprive myself of that? Hm?

You all saw my Halloween costume from last year, right? Well, I probably will never be able to beat it, but I am pretty proud of this year's getup. I even gave myself eyebrows. o-o

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my pastel-goth-grunge-like-modern day-witch costume! Enjoy. <3

And then the good ol' Barnes and Noble trip + coffee (which was actually just hot chocolate because they sure wanted that pumpkin spice latte gone).

 My sister and I decided to match and go as witches that resembled our personality. Lila went for a classier look while I let myself explore my inner goth. I especially liked the cotton candy colored wig, in case you didn't notice. ;)

Did you explore yourself through make-up and wigs this year? Or did you just enjoy what the season had to bring? 


p.s. How are you NaNo writers doin'? Yah hangin' in there? I am doing fabulous! However, those nervous jitters are starting to spark and I'm afraid I'm not going to *cough* make *cough* it. Do not fear though! I shall try my best to hang on! And I hope you all will as well. <3 

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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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