How To Be Happy

Have you ever had a day where you are simply just in a slump? You need a pick-me-up, but you don't know what will actually fulfill that need? Well, have no fear because I, Mackenzie Rae, is here to save you!

I figured I needed to get a post up on the blog before I start my spring semester, and I've been wanting to write a positive/motivating post. :) I hope this will be helpful, I know it was for me. 


1. Keep a Positive Mind

This may be an obvious one, but a positive mind is a happy body. Try to filter out all of those negative thoughts with positive ones, I guarantee it will make your day a whole lot better. :)

Example: *le sigh* I can't believe this happened to me today.

Resolution: I know this just happened to me, but things could be worse! I'm just glad I have (such event) to look forward to. *eager smile instead of a long sigh*

2. Listening to Uplifting Music

The music you listen to definitely effects your mood. So, remember all those depressing songs you downloaded when you were upset? Well, let's avoid those and create a positive playlist with the title "(Your Name)'s Epic Playlist".

3. Explore Your Taste in Humor

Everybody has a different taste in humor, but if you're like me and live for Tumblr text-posts, then you should check out my "I love your giggle" board on Pinterest. I know that when I'm upset, they always bring my mood right up. So please, test that giggle out of yours and look/watch cheesy stuff that feeds your taste in humor. Also, relatable posts are also very helpful. They make you feel as if: "Hey, I'm not the only one who feels this way."

4. Talk to Someone, Make a Friendly Gesture

If you are like me, an introvert, you tend to... erm, not talk to people. But I promise you that talking to someone really does help, even if they are just some random person standing next to you in the check-out lane. A simple "how are you?" or even just a smile can brighten their day and your day as well. 

5. Do Something *YOU* Love

Whether it's watching a show/movie on Netflix or reading in a peaceful place, you should always take the time out of your day to do something that you enjoy doing. It could be something simple and meaningless, as long as you're feeding into those guilty pleasures. ;) 

Fact: My guilty pleasures are Gossip Girl and contemporary reads. The Burn for Burn trilogy gives me dem girly squeals. >.<

Happiness comes in the simplest things. As long as you focus on your positive thoughts, the negative ones will find their way out. 

Enjoy life and enjoy yourself.

Thought of something you'd like to add to these tips? Comment! I'd love to hear from you. :)

What Lexie Loves (A Blog Review)

Hello my lovely readers. <3 So, in mid/late november I participated in a blogging collaboration with Bryleigh and a bunch of other fabulous bloggers to celebrate ALYB's second birthday. We created a fun scavenger hunt giveaway with lots a cool prizes! For the third place winner, one of the prizes was a blog review featured on my blog.

And that lucky person is... Lexie, from What Lexie Loves.

I scrolled through Lexie's blog, checked out her pages and read a few posts to gather up a review for her site.

Shall we get started?


Lexie started her blog over two years ago, in October, when she was just 9-years-old! Okay... When I was nine, I had no idea the blogging world even existed (probably a good thing on my behalf). Anyways... What Lexie Loves focuses on entertainment, fashion, books, and bits of her writing about days out and the world around us.


After clicking on the link to Lexie's blog, I was immediately greeted with a lovely bubble gum pink design, which I fell in love with completely. Already, my attention has been caught, therefore I have to get a further look around. Right? And let's just talk about those jelly beans for a second... don't they just make your mouth drool? The layout is just so pretty and the black headings give it a "Hey, I'm really serious about blogging but I also want to have fun with this" feel.


Lexie is a fun and creative 11-year-old blogger who writes very cheerful and exciting posts. Her positive attitude just flows off her words and makes your day just a tad bit better. You can definitely see how her posts reflect off her personality- which is something very important for a blogger to have. :) Also, her gif selections are impeccable.


Here are three of my favorite posts on What Lexie Loves:




(As you can see, there is a bit of a theme here.)


Like I said above, Lexie's posts are very positive and also welcoming. She asks for your opinions on certain topics and writes posts you can actually have a discussion about. She has a nickname for her readers- Lexicans! Isn't that so cute?

That is all for the blog review, I hope you all check out What Lexie Loves. You won't regret it. :)


After doing this review, I totally feel like a hardcore stalker. You all probably think I am one, huh? #youareright

Hope you have a lovely day!

Goals- should they be prioritized?

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ― Albert Einstein


 every year i try to make goals that i want to accomplish in the new year, and every year i never follow through. you see, me and goals don't really mix. i make small ones sometimes, and those might be accomplished, but there's a bigger chance that will soon to be forgotten within the first few days in january. 

with that said; should i prioritize goals for this new year? or should i just drop everything and watch netflix?

honestly, goals are so so so so important. people who have goals are genuinely a lot more happy. this year, i want to be happy. i want to be carefree. i want to live. 

i suppose those could be my overall goals for the year, i'll work on the specifics. 

this past year, i've been drawing a bit more, reading a bit less, and watching a whole lot of shows, but also going to church a lot more. i want to work on all of those things in 2016.

in the meantime, let's all work on being positive, spirited, and creative.

you should all sign up for this amazing newsletter to start of a fabulous year. you won't regret it- especially if you are like me and want to better yourself for the new year. click HERE to sign up (it's free by the way).

i love you, and happy 2016.


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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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