Blogtober: Day Thirty-One

Hello my lovely readers. <3 It is Halloween, and you know what that means!

It's the last day of Blogtober.

I just want to thank Noor for doing this very fun challenge, it was definitely something I needed to try and has helped me with my posts' content. I can't wait to do something like this again! I'll probably take a short break and work on some school work and reading. >.<

Anywho... who is ready to see:

Are you guys ready? 

So, this year I had no idea what to be, plus I didn't have a lot of mula (cash) to spend, which means I needed to be something somewhat easy. 

Also, I've been watching some American Horror Story which may or may not have inspired me for my costume. 

TA DA! I did it all on my own, and I'm pretty proud of it. >.< 

It took me about three hours to do, and I also did it the night before... so that is like a total of six hours of doing face paint and makeup. o.O

Here are some pictures from the night with my siblings. 

My sister, Lila, and I. She was Harley Quinn from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. 

Here I am with all of my siblings. My brother went as someone from this Anime show? I'm not really sure.. and my two other sisters went as a cat and a psycho nurse. ;)

Our cousin decided to join us, which was nice. Sadly, I didn't get a picture with her. :\ She went as Spider-Man, but a tutu version. ;) It was a lot of fun. 

Okay, now the question I've been dying to ask:

What were you all for Halloween? ;)


Goodbye October.

Hello November.


Blogtober: Day Thirty

Hey guys! So, um... today is the day I am suppose to post my collab with another blogger. Now, that didn't quite go through. I know, I'm sorry... It's just we couldn't think of anything different to do, and things just got busy. So yeah... I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

This is the part when I magically think of an alternative.



Oh! I've got it.

First I should probably tell you who I was going to do my collaboration with, huh? ;)


It was...

The one.

The only.

... ROSIE!

So, I decided that I would do a repost of a post Rosie did on here a LONG time ago. She actually hacked my blog and surprised me with it. I haven't read it in ages... but here we go!

October 8th, 2013: Because I love you;

To the dearest viewers of this blog, today I [the awko taco from Truly. Madly. Deeply. Self Known] come to you seeking the answer to a dire question that needs your consent. If you do not wish to participate in such a debate that is fine. I understand. Because this is a very deep, emotional matter that will need your full attention and thought whilst you read. So with that said; proceed with caution.

Author's Note: I am only here because Emma gave me the idea [ so Kenz, if you get mad frustrated, focus on her because she planted the seed that sprouted this evil idea. o.o ]

*clears throat* Now, you may be asking yourself why I'm here, invading the privacy of my buddy's blog. Or maybe none of you know who I am and have already taken yourself off this post. o.O But for those of you who haven't [yet], I want to discuss with you a very important issue that is growing in our young red head's mind.

So, you see...erm...Mackenzie, she, uh...she's amazing, right? Beautiful, funny, artistic, kind, compassionate, the definition of a [best] friend. She's inspired many of us with her exquisite words and she understands--such an important quality I love. She's also friendly--something I wish I could be--to everyone. For an example, let's use you. Yes, you. The reader of this post. You've felt the urge to comment, right? And when that urge won did you ever go back to see her reply? [in the best of circumstances, let's say yes, you did.] Now, what did you find? A reply. Whoa. Dude. In a sudden flood of emotions you squeal and lean toward your computer screen, letting your eyes linger on every word she typed in reply to your opinion. And when it's over and you've read every word--twice--you find yourself compelled. To do what, exactly?

Reply back.

Then before you know you guys are best friends, emailing back and forth, chatting into oblivion, and where am I?! Left in the dust! *coughs* Alright, alright, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is, she's friendly. But not only does she have a friendly heart, but a big one at that. She's so...forgiving. I remember a time when frustration struck the lands of our habitat and I shall tell you; everything ended in disaster. But she forgave me. She forgave me of unforgivable sins when she should of turned me around and kicked me out of her life for good.

But she didn't do that. Instead, she overlooked my flaws and pulled me into her arms--*sniffles and turns away* I-I'm gonna need a moment.

. . . *blows nose* . . .

*turns back toward computer* Alright, I'm good. W-where was I? Let's see, friendly, forgiving...oh! And that brings me to her biggest component; the substance that is her very core.


So not only is our Kenz Friendly and Forgiving, but she is also Flawless as well. [it's the three F's of friendship! >.<] However, as most girl's/teens/women tend to be, she will probably look upon this later and say to herself, "Rosie, I'm not flawless." <-- this is the issue I was referring to, in one of the paragraphs above. •-•

Oh but Kenz, that's where you're wrong.

I am calling upon you, dear readers/followers/"cookies", to help me prove Mackenzie wrong. We shall show her how beautiful she is. We shall show her how friendly she is. We shall show her how her flawless existence has helped our own! So what do you say? Will you help me? Please?

...what? You don't know how to help?! Well that's the easy part my friends! Just comment below, expressing your opinion about our dear blogger. Anything will suffice. From a simple; I love you to a convincing speech conveying that she is amazing. I appreciate your participation in this, dear reader. Thank you for your time and words. Kenz and I both appreciate it--or at least she will, in the future...

Well, I guess that is all for now. :} Thank you for reading and please don't forget to comment!


\(•-•)- ↓ DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT! ↓ -(•-•)/


Gosh, I'm getting all teary... That post made me the happiest person alive. Ahh, those were the days. <3

Thanks for reading!


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Nine

Hello lovely people of the interweb. Blogtober is almost to an end, it went by so fast... but I'm also glad that it is over and I got to experience this very fun challenge. I feel like it got my blogging side to open up, it was closed for a while... Anywho, today I will be sharing with you my recent music favorites. I'm excited for this because I've been listening to a lot of music lately and I'm pretty much music-obsessed at the moment. #hehe

My Recent Music Favorites Are...

- Lay It All On Me by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran 

Gah, I love this song so much right now... <3

- The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy


- Hello by Adele 

Because Adele's voice does things to me... plus, she's #goals

- Perfect by One Direction

Um... It's One Direction. Duh.

- Stitches by Shawn Mendes

I've heard this song a little too many times (sigh) but I still love it. I just wish it wasn't played so much. You feel me? And; Shawn Mendes's voice is beautiful.

- Tear In My Heart by twenty one pilots

"My taste in music is your face" 

- Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko 

The music video though. <3 

- Gasoline by Halsey 

My apologies for the cuss word (I think there's two), but for some reason I've been listening to this song a lot more than usual lately... even though I love all of Halsey's music. <3 But while you're at it, you should listen to this mash-up if she and twenty one pilots, it's really good. 

Okay, I better stop here or else you'd be here all day. >.< While we're at it though, do you have any music suggestions for me? I'm open to anything. :)


P.S. if you want to check out some of the other music I like to listen to, I've started a playlist on YouTube. I add songs from time to time, some of them I like some of them I love. I have a weird music taste. 

Blogtober: Day Twenty-Eight

Hiya! ...ew, that was awful. Lemme try that again.

  *walks out of room* 
*walks back in* 

Hey guys (okay, that was a lot better), so today I will be sharing what I read in October. Ready to find out?

 This month I read:

+ The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Um... what happened to my list? Where did all the books I read go? Why is there only one book? What about that- oh, wait... I read that in May. Oh! But what about- no... I read that last December. Um... wow. First the awkward entrance now the awkward content of this post? I'm really failing at life right now, aren't I? 

The funny part is... I haven't finished all of The Retribution of Mara Dyer. Okay, I have like 80 more pages left, so I'm gonna go finish that. *nervous chuckle* 

Yeah... I haven't been reading a lot. I'm actually surprised I've gotten this far in the book though. It's sooooooo good right now, I cannot wait to finish it. I'm actually kind of scared to though... it's the last book and I don't know what is going to happen! But guys... I need to tell you something. 

Two words.



'Nuff said. 

(he's so beautiful, I swear I'm gonna die)

So, what books did you guys read this month? Probably a lot more than me. Let me know though, so that I can check them out for next month's reading. :) 


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Seven

Hello loves. <3 So today I am suppose to share with you, a few DIY Halloween decorations. I've never done my own before, except making ghosts out of pillowcases... but I thought I'd share with you some ones I found on Pinterest. :)

DIY #1: Pumpkin Flower Pot

It seems like they used a real pumpkin for this, but it says it is faux... Anyways, I found this today and thought it was a great idea!

DIY #2: Cute Spooky Balloons

Just grab a sharpie and get to work, these would look so cute at a Halloween party. :)

DIY #3: Simple Add-ons

This one is so cute! All you need is tissue paper, ribbon, felt, cloth napkins, toilet paper roll, suckers, and you're all set! ;)

Which one was your favorite?


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Six

Hello my lovely readers. <3 So, today I am suppose to share my opinion on something. I couldn't think of anything right away... Uggs? The presidential candidates for this year? But instead, one of my lovely sisters came in handy and suggested that I talk about halloween costumes for girls.

Okay, this will probably be more of a rant than anything. >.< But here it goes!

 Once I turned the lovely age of thirteen, I didn't know that one of my favorite holidays would be taken away from me. No matter how hard I tried, for years I have been shamed upon as being a young female at halloween time. You'd think that there would be one decent costume under that 'Women's Costumes' category, but noooo... 

I was appalled. 

One year I had choices of being a witch or a doctor for Halloween, and then the next year I had to choose from "Sassy Snow White" or "Sexy Nurse".

Okay, for one thing... I would be in huge trouble if I decided to be one of the latter choices. 


I just don't understand why girls' halloween costumes have to be so sexist. They basically throw us a few pieces of fabrics and call it a costume.

Yes, I want a cool costume. No, I do not want to be half naked.

It's a good thing I'm open to face painting or going as a character from a movie/book, or else I would be hopeless. 

Yes, it has been a hard few years, but I have managed. Honestly, I don't even dare to walk into a halloween store or go online to look for one. I already know I'm not going to buy one, I don't dare to. 

Plus, why can't the models look a little more natural? What they do is try to get this thought inside your head that you are going to look exactly like that photoshopped model. I'm sorry, but nobody looks like that. 

I'm just really sick of the costume selection for young women, it's quite annoying. Am I the only one or do you guys agree with me? Please let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading. <3


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Five

 Hey guys! It's that time of week again, and you know what that means. ;)

I get to tell you all about my week! Ready to hear it? ;)

+ On Monday I...

Went shopping in NYC for my halloween costume with my bestie, TSwizzle. But instead of shopping for halloweeny type clothes, we went ice-skating in Rockeller Center. I only fell seven times.

+ On Tuesday I...

Went on a road-trip through Colorado and met a bear. I fed him teddy grams. 

+ On Wednesday I...

Painted a shadowhunter symbol on the side of the tallest building in the U.S. 

+ On Thursday I...

Went swimming in a water hole on some deserted island, where I befriended a turtle and named him Shelly. 

+ On Friday I...

Decided to go to a football game, where I was kidnapped by scarecrows. Little did they know, I had just had a karate lesson that morning, so my newly learned skills became very useful. 

 + On Saturday I...

Woke up super early and went on a stroll in downtown London with Ed Sheeran, where he performed a song to a family of kittens. 

+ On Sunday I...

Decided to lay low by making Candy Corn Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, which turned out super yummy. 

And that is what I did this week. ;) All of them are lies, except for Sunday. I actually did make candy corn cupcakes and they were really good- I just didn't make them on Sunday. I made them on Saturday. ;)

What was your week like?


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Four

Hi. Um... so this is gonna be awkward. Uh, remember when I said today would be the day that I'd post my collab post with that secret, special, blogger? Erm, yeah. It's not going to be today. So instead, I will share with you my October favorites! Not really sure on how to do that, but we shall see.

My October Favorites Are...

 + Starbucks

+ Long walks 

+ Shopping (for le halloween costume)

+ Going to a pumpkin patch

+ Painting pumpkins (didn't do that this year- oops)

+ Watching Halloween related things

+ Baking Halloween goodies


What are your October favorites?


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Three

Hello dears. <3 So, today I am suppose to be doing something I've never done on my blog before... which is hard because I have absolutely no idea what to do! I can't really think of something I haven't done before. I know I haven't done a vlog before, but I would probably do one another time because I'd have to prepare myself for that. >.< Anywho... I thought I would share with you guys what is on my iPhone! That's something I haven't done before... o.O

So, at the moment... my iPhone 5s's screen is smashed. I mean, I can use it but sometimes it can be hard to see things. o.o

But here is a photo of it from when it used to be all purdy. *insert heart eyes emojis here*

Now, shall we unlock this bad boy?

Hehe, bet you can't guess my passcode. ;)

And here is the first page, or whatever you call it. Sorry about all those text messages guys, I'm just a busy bee and a very likeable person (NOT).

And here is the second page... As you can see, I don't have very many apps. Just some photo editing stuff and about no games. Hehe. I'm a very boring person. o-o

My social apps... my thumbs automatically go to these apps without me thinking. o-o

And to get even more personal, here are my photos! Yeah, I have to get deleting some. I used to have a little over 800. >.<

And that is what is on my iPhone! You guys seriously just stepped into a very personal zone. I'm not kidding. 

So... what's on your iPhone? ;) Or iPod or iPad or whatever electronic device you prefer. 


Blogtober: Day Twenty-Two

Hello, loves. <3 So today I am suppose to do a Halloweeny Pinterest roundup. I've never done a Pinterest roundup before, so I hope I'm doing this alright. >.<

I thought I would post a few pictures that give me that Halloweeny vibe. Shall we get started? I say we shall.

I really love this picture for some reason. It's so spooky and lovely all at once. I would love to use it as story inspiration. 

Okay, how did they get all of those pumpkins stacked on top of each other? O.o

Aren't these cookies so cute?

Can someone please give this house an award?

I want a black cat... with white paws.

Not sure where I found this picture but I love it... <3

Which picture was your favorite?


Blogtober: Day Twenty-One

Hello darlings. <3 So, according to the Blogtober Challenge, today I have to write a letter to myself in five years (which means I will be 23). This should be interesting...

Dear me in five years,

 Hey... how's it going? 

 So, like, what is the newest iPhone available for purchase at the moment? What would it be, the iPhone 11? 11s? And, is it the size of your car? Do you even have a car? I hope so. You seriously need to have a car by now.

 I hope you have a job, you need a job. Do you work at Barnes and Noble? You should totally send me all the books John Green has published in the last five years. I bet Cassandra Clare has come out with probably 10,000 new books, huh? You can send those too if you want. By the way, are One Direction still together? Please tell me they are still together. 
 I wonder what you have accomplished in the past five years. Have you found happiness? Are you still in love with the same person? Are you with them now? Please tell me you can finally wake up beside them, please tell me you hold their hand every day. Or have you drifted so far apart, you can't even remember the day you two met?

 I bet you're still a friendless loser, aren't you? I bet you haven't even had your first kiss yet, have you? 

 You probably still live at home and cry into your pillow at night because nothing has changed and no one has ever loved you since 2014. 


 Maybe you have everything you've always imagined you would have. Maybe you're finally happy and content with life that you don't want more- you've finally stopped craving to have more. 

 Or maybe you've found something better.

 Whatever it is, I hope you're happy. 

18-year-old Kenzie

P.s. You better have written a book by now. Just saying.  


And that was a letter to myself in five years! Wow, I sounded really harsh. o.O Anywho... if you wrote yourself a letter for yourself in five years, what would it say?

Thanks for reading. <3


Blogtober: Day Twenty

Hello my lovely cookies. <3 Today I will be doing Noor's fabulous halloween tag! I can't wait to get started. >.<

1- What year did you first go trick-or-treating?

I have absolutely no idea, I've gone trick-or-treating my whole life. >.<

2- Favorite kind of candy?

Erm... must you ask me this?! Hehe, I don't know. I have a thing for Snickers. ;)

3- What are you going to be this year?

I don't exactly know yet (oops) but I want it to be a surprise. ;)

4 - Favorite costume you've had?

I gotta say, my Katniss costume was pretty awesome. I went as her twice, both times were really cool. I've also been really awesome witches a few times. I think those costumes always looked best. :)

5 - Favorite spooky creature?

I'd have to say ghosts, or spiders. The ones with the cute faces of course. ;) Like this:

6 - How hyped do you get for Halloween?

Oh, I dunno, it's- DID SOMEONE SAY HALLOWEEN?!? 

7 - Halloween Pinteresty thing that you've always wanted to try?

Um... I don't really know. I'd have to go look really quick- brb.

K, back! And I found this:

Hey, the funny thing is... I went to this pumpkin place and they had these ghosts in their gift shop and my mom and I were wondering how to make them ourselves! I'm so glad I found this, I'll have to try it out next year. :)

8- Favorite part of Halloween?

Getting to dress up as anything you want and going trick-or-treating with the fam. I have so many precious halloween memories.

9 - Orange or black?


Let me know if any of you did this tag or any other halloween tag too. :) 


Blogtober: Day Nineteen

 I totally forgot that I had to post a DIY today. Opposie. Um... well, I've never actually done a DIY before, at least I don't think so? But anyways... I did, however, come up with two yummy DIYs. I don't even know if they are considered a DIY, but I know they are quick and yummy. :) Shall we get started?

1st. DIY Starbucks Iced-Tea Lemonade 

After having Starbucks iced-tea lemonade, I started making my own at home. Here is how I did it:

+ Paul Newman's Regular Lemonade 

+ New Leaf Ice-Tead (unsweetened)

+ Two (or more, if you are like me) teaspoons of SUGAR 

BAM. You got yourself your very own Starbucks Shaken Iced-Tea Lemonade. 

2nd. Pink Chocolate Covered Pretzels

One of my sisters and I made pink chocolate covered pretzels a couple weeks ago, and oh my gosh... they were so yummy! They actually tasted like pancakes. o.O Here's how we did it:

+ Bought Pink Molding Chocolate (then melted it on the stove top)

+ Used Salted Mini Pretzels 

+ Used an Icing Spatula to Help Cover Them with Pinkness (you might not want to dip them because the melted chocolate is really hot and I burnt my finger)

+ Put Them in The Freezer For a Few Minutes

Then TADA! ...great, now I'm craving them.

Anywho... those weren't great DIYs but it was all I could come up with at the last minute. >.< I hope you enjoyed it. Any DIYs you would like to share with me? Lemme know!


Blogtober: Day Eighteen

 I am sorry to say that I will not be conjuring up a beautifully descriptive week in which I completely make up all on my own. Instead I shall tell you exactly what I did, because it isn't much and I am trying to remember what it is I exactly did this week while typing quickly because my laptop is about to die and it is quite late- *gasps for air from my run on sentence* ...shall we begin? 

This week, I... (in no particular order)

+ Finished drawing a pepper for my art class 

Here is a picture of it:

I could have done better, but oh well. I can't wait for my second art class tomorrow.

+ Picked out a pumpkin 

I didn't actually go "pumpkin picking", at least I didn't consider it that... I just picked out a pumpkin or two to put by my grandma's grave. Along with an adorable scarecrow wearing a sunflower hat.

Here is a picture I took while we were there. I don't mean to brag, but... I really love this shot. <3

That day, I wrote these two journal entries:

"Instead of decorating the house, I'm decorating your grave."


You look different. I don't know if that's because you don't care for me anymore or if you've really changed.

+ I took Molly (my dog) to the vet

Because I thought she had a tick but it turned out to be a thorn of some sort? Anyways, she was fine. I wasn't. But hey, at least it wasn't a tick!

+ I failed to ignore my feelings

Don't you just hate it when something really bothers you, and it is so stupid but you try to tell yourself that and it still doesn't work? Sometimes I really hate my feelings- they mess everything up.

Another journal entry:

"I keep them locked away, hoping you will love me someday."

+ Spent to afternoon/evening with my grandpa

Today I went over to help my grandpa out with some things around the house. One of my sisters came along, which was nice. We looked through some of my grandma's jewelry and lotions, and also lit some candles which made the house feel cozy and alive. It feels so cold and lonely there without my grandma...

What was your week like? Let me know.


Blogtober: Day Seventeen

 Okay, so... remember when I said I was going to be doing my collab post today instead of the 12th? Well (and you're gonna laugh at this)... I'm going to need some more time for that one. Oppsies. >.<

 So instead, today I will be showing you what I like to do on my lazzzzy dayz, but also ideas on to make your lazy day the perfect lazy day. Shall we get started?

Ways to spend your lazy day like I do:

+ Binge Watch on Netflix

I don't know how you spell lazy days but I spell it a little like this: N-E-T-F-L-I-X 
Don't all lazy days consist of watching episode after episode of your favorite show? Or watching every movie with a particular actor in it? 

+ Write 

It could be anything- just write! Lazy days are days to get away from the normal everyday things you do. They are the kind of days where you can do the extra things you've been wanting to do. Basically, the senseless things that don't fit in with your "productive" category. Get what I mean? Or nah? 

+ Draw Characters For Your Book

Currently writing a book or a short story? I like to go on Pinterest and look at sketches of characters (like this) and try to draw my own version of them. I find that so much fun.

- In Case You Don't Like to Draw

You can still go on Pinterest and look at drawings or photographs of characters to inspire you for your upcoming story! Want to get started? Check out my Storyboard

+ Watch YouTube videos

From your favorite YouTuber to tutorials. Get those headphones on and your favorite snack, it's time to waste an hour or two on YouTube. 

+ Clean Your Room

I know I probably sound like your mother right now, but I actually like cleaning my room. That way I can get lost in all the things I own. I tend to get distracted every time I clean my room, but I don't mind. I like to rearrange my room as well, it makes it look new and different. Change is good (remember that).

+ Have a Photoshoot

Get your creative juices flowing and snap a few shots to post on Instagram. 

+ Journal

Go outside or even stay inside, but it's time to get out that journal you promised you would fill up and fill a few pages with doodles and small writing pieces. I never said it had to make sense, as long as the words are there and your mind is flowing into your pen and onto the paper.

+  Bake

Yes, it's time to get that cupcake recipe you've been dying to try. I know I love baking when there's nothing else to do. 

+ Talk to an old friend

Text or call someone you've been meaning to talk to! Whether it is an old friend or your grandma, get chatting. 


Well, those were a few things I do on lazy days or what I might do (not saying I do all of those things because most of the time I just stare at a blank wall. Haha- I'm not kidding.

What are some things you like to do on a lazy day? Let me know! 


Blogtober: Day Sixteen



falling like these leaves,
this cold air.
it has never left me
 so empty.
i am very


fall like these leaves,
let warmth 
between us.
the new is to come.
starting over 


(Not sure if that considered a poem, but oh well.) Has anyone else written any poems for fall? If so, comment with the link- I would love to read it! 


Blogtober: Day Fifteen

 Hello my darling readers. <3 It is day fifteen in the Blogtober Challenge and I am still here! ;)

Today, I shall share with you my current read. Which is:

The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

 Yes, I believe I said I was reading this in my second or third post in Blogtober... and I am still reading it. Little bits at a time. >.< I know, I am quite ashamed of myself that I haven't read much in a while, but it's really good for far (funny too). This is the last book in the Mara Dyer trilogy, so I can't spoil too much for you, but here is a quick description from Goodreads:

"Mara Dyer wants to believe there's more to the lies she’s been told.
There is.

She doesn’t stop to think about where her quest for the truth might lead.
She should.

She never had to imagine how far she would go for vengeance.
She will now.

Loyalties are betrayed, guilt and innocence tangle, and fate and chance collide in this shocking conclusion to Mara Dyer’s story.

Retribution has arrived."

 Intriguing, eh? I still don't know how I feel about this trilogy... I actually thought it was going to be a lot more scary. I mean, it is creepy, but maybe I just don't get scared that easily? I don't know. I still enjoyed reading these books. I actually got the first book a year ago, on Halloween! Which is a perfect time to read these kinds of books. ;) 

 So yeah... that's what I'm reading (when I can). What are you reading at the moment? How's it going for you?

Thanks for reading. <3


Blogtober: Day Fourteen

 I don't exactly have a favorite fall memory. I mean, there isn't a certain one that I remember but there are moments I have had that make me love fall. 

 Halloween has always been the highlight of fall for me. My siblings and I would try our best to have really cool costumes, which isn't always a great idea because Halloween is usually freezing and we try not to ruin the costume by putting on a coat or wearing pants under our witch dresses.

 Every Halloween we would spend all day getting ready (e.g. doing our hair, nails, makeup, all that jazz) then we'd head out (which wasn't until late because we take forever to get ready) and make our first stop at our grandparents house before any of our costumes or makeup got ruined. There, we would show off our getup and giggle as our grandma would try and guess who my brother was. She'd always give us butterfingers (those were her favorite) before we head back out into the village, where every house is decorated amazingly just for the night. 
 For the past few years, we have been going over to my uncle's house for a Halloween get together first, where we would hand out candy and eat food before trick-or-treating down his street then all over the village. 

 That's how I like Halloween. It's always so much fun. I don't know what it will be like this year without my grandma, but hopefully we will still have a good time. 

What is your favorite fall memory?


Blogtober: Day Thirteen

A collage that describes fall:

And here is my collage! Gosh, aren't all of those photos fabulous? I wish I could say that I took them but- *sniffs* I didn't. 

Yes Noor, I have made it to day thirteen! I shall not give up, I intend to conquer this challenge. >:D

Anyways... I must say that upstate New York is most lovely in the fall. My family has always gone on vacation in the fall time, and I've always loved when we would have to drive along lakes and mountains on our way to our vacation destination. The trees are so colorful and alive. It's amazing. <3

What do you like most about your hometown in autumn? I would love to hear all about it. :)


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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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