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The thing about music is that it is pretty much life, am I right? Music revolves around our whole lives, from the moment we are born (it’s the first song your parents listen to on the car ride home from the hospital. "My song” was Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band) to the moment you die (it’s the song played at your funeral- which I haven’t decided I want played at my funeral, but that’s something you can think about for a while, right? Oh! Oh my gosh, I just figured out what song I want for my funeral. Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t snicker a wee bit, because I know I did. ;) )

So yeah, music is pretty dang special. For a while, I’ve just considered myself a floating groupie- someone who doesn’t like a particular music genre (I don’t know what other word to use to describe it, but that is what I came up with). I pretty much like anything! However, over the years I have found out that I do have my favorites. My main favorites music genre is alternative. Gah, I just love it. Recently (as of last year) I had been introduced to The 1975- which is actually Indie Rock. Along with Halsey, who is Indie Pop. But can we just take a moment to appreciate Halsey's extreme flawlessness? GAH, her voice... that blue hair. Seriously, she's a goddess.
Sorry, not sorry for that fangirling moment there. ;) Hey, that's what this post is suppose to be about anyways! It's time for us to appreciate the little things music does for us.

Music makes me feel like I’m alive, or like... I’m in love. It makes tingles run throughout my body as if two lovers just touched for the first time. It makes me feel as if I were able to do anything I can set my mind to, like run five miles- but I’m not gonna do that ‘cause I don’t run. I just... no. Not my thing, never have been, never will be. I’ll be that person who walks through an alien invasion. Anyways, I’m getting off topic... You see, I want you guys to tell me how music makes you feel. I want us all to take a moment to appreciate music, together, and how it revolves around life the way it does.

Let’s confess our love for music.

Meet The Blogger: A Guest Post (009)


   Hey y'all!! :) My "online" name is Jess Ann and I'm 15 years old. :) One of my favorite hobbies is photography!!!!! Aghh I geek out about it so much and tire my friends of it haha. I got my first camera in 2011 but i loved taking pictures even before then. :) 


 I started my blog in February of 2015. I've blogged before (like two years ago) but I eventually deleted that blog because I was awful at keeping it updated. :P But I thought it'd be fun again and I've actually kept up with it for 5 months so far! Ok...y'all "long-time" bloggers can quit laughing at me. We all gotta start somewhere. ;) I mainly just write about things that happen, random photography posts, and I tend to be very weird. :)



My best advice to someone would be my favorite quote: "If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place." Basically, take a chance! You'll never know until you try!! :) I hope you have a great day!!
-jess ann


Thank you so much Jess for doing this! We had so much fun getting to know more about you and your blog. Love the blog button, by the way! ;) If anyone else is interested in guest posting/sponsoring your blog, check out this post. :)

Author's Note: Jess Ann recently changed her domain from wordpress to blogger, therefore I updated all the links to her newer blog but if you'd like to see her original one click here

September 13th // journal entries 010

September 13th, 2013

  It's been two years since I saw you, held you. Two years. It's been so long, and I wish I could say that we made it after all that time, but I can't.
 I can still feel your hand pressed against the back of my head as you held me in that parking lot. It felt to good, to have you hold me like you were never going to let go. But then it was time to do so and I couldn't stop thinking it wouldn't be the last- we will still have another time to hold each other.
That's all over now, isn't it? I'll never be able to hold you like I did that day, tell you I love you like I did that day, be with you like I did that day.
I don't blame you for what has happened, for all the things that have happened. I wish they didn't- gosh I wish they didn't. It hurts to look back at what we used to be and to look at us now. Everything has changed, and as much as I wish it would just go back- it won't. Nothing will ever be the same, except for the memories we made that day. I will continue to treasure them close to my heart, every single day.
 Forever only exists in moments, it could last for days or just a second... Forever is more like a feeling you get... and, well, that Friday afternoon I had my forever. 

 Thank you. For letting it happen. 


You called me crying because you cared so much, now you don’t care at all.
You used to make every excuse to touch me, now you don’t even come near me.
You used to say my name like it was a prayer, now you only say it to tell me how foolish I am.
You used to say our special words into my ear every night before I’d drift off to sleep, now I only hear the echos.
You used to hold me while I cried into your shoulder, now you only pat me on the back and tell me to buck up.
You used to beg me to stay, now you only shoo me away.
You used to look into my eyes every time before we kissed, now you can barely look at my face.
You used to tell me how happy I make you, now someone else does that for you.
You used to tell me you love me every second of the day, now you don’t say anything.
You used to want me, now you only want me to leave.
You used to run your fingers through my hair, now you make me want to rip it out.
You used to make me feel full, now I can’t feel anything at all.
You used to sing our song to me, now I am the only one who knows the words.

You used to love me, now you don’t.

And the only person I can blame is me.

Meet The Blogger: A Guest Post (008)


  Hello darlings. I go by Aliah Joy in the blogging world, but you can just call me Aliah. I'm a teenage homeschooler who has a strange obsession with Chunky Monkey ice cream and dandelions. I'm that girl who will shiver when it's 90 degrees out and who will eat as much chocolate as is put in front of her. My hobbies range from reading and writing to photography to saying the wrong things at the right time.
People often describe me as wispy person, with my hair strewn about and a book clutched to my chest. If I chose 6 words to describe myself, they would be:


  I started Indigo Ink back in August 2013, though I started blogging at the beginning of 2013. Over the years, this blog has evolved with me as I've gotten older. It's original focus was on American Girl Dolls and crafts, but then slowly transferred to a more modern lifestyle blog where I shared my writing, photography, and recent adventures. As my blog has grown, it has gone through a wide variety of unique names, including Dream. Dress. Play, A Little of This, A Little of That, Cranberries and Crescents, and Splashes of Indigo. 
Though I think I've settled down as far as blog topics go, who knows what new name I might choose next (I'm pretty happy with my current one though:)?


  The first blog I ever read was called Dolls4Dolls and it's sole topic was American Girl Dolls. It inspired me to start my own, and though it is no longer active, it's still up and you can check it out here. :)
Eventually, I discovered more blogs and I became more interested with the lifestyle/writing theme. Below are some other blogs that inspired me and that I still enjoy reading to this day (and new ones that I love!:).
and of course, Think. Eat. Write. Read. (you go girl;) 


Harry Potter, as always. ;)  Percy Jackson, Divergent, and Hunger Games. ;) the 4 main fandoms right?


Do what you love. That's all. 

"Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it."
-L.M. Montgomery 

Click herehere, or here to visit the blog. ;)


Thank you so much Aliah for doing this! You were a blast! ;) Isn't she so sweet? If anyone else is interested in guest posting/sponsoring your blog, check out this post. :)

Kenzie Speaks

 Hello my darling readers. <3 I've decided to start a new segment called "Kenzie Speaks" where I will just babble to you guys and talk about whatever it is that is currently on my mind. Does that sound good? Good! I don't think it'll be a regular thing just yet... but I'll see where things take me. I haven't been on a very good blogging schedule for a while, and I really want to start writing up more interesting posts. I have a huge list of ideas I have come up with, but I haven't found the time to write them (*sad face*).
BUT... I have some good news to share with you. I finally got a new laptop! Yes. It's like a real laptop, and I am madly in love with it. It's not a MacBook Pro like I originally wanted, but it's still amazing. My Grandparents gave me the money towards a new laptop as a graduation present ( which reminds me, I forgot to tell you that I kinda sorta graduated (homeschool) high school. I guess? That's what my mom tells me. ) and just about a week ago I went to Best Buy and purchased a Dell Inspiron. It was an open box one so I got a really good deal on it. It has a light up keyboard, touch screen, and folds into a tablet! *squeals* Okay, sorry... I hope I don't sound like I'm bragging or anything, I'm just super excited... you have no idea how long I have waited for this moment. o-o

I'll just shut up now and show you all a picture:

*sniffles as eyes grow all cartoony big and watery* I-isn't she... *chokes back sob* beautiful?

Okay, well, I haven't totally been honest with you guys. The reason why I got this laptop was because I started taking online classes (well one, but I'll probably be taking more) for college. So, yeah... there was a bit of a catch to it, but I don't care. ;)

Since I am currently taking an online class, this means I will be online more, which also means I will have a little more blogging time! *insert confetti here* However, I haven't been much into the blogging mood. It seems like I keep avoiding it, you know? Which stinks because I love writing posts, even though they take me hours to write. I don't know. Maybe you guys have any advice? If so, please let me know.

I think that is all for now... I hope you all are doing well at getting back into the school mood, 'cause I'm not. I want my summer back. I want a redo.

Thanks for reading. <3 

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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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