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And all of a sudden, our memories were like broken pieces of china– easy to remember, hard to bring back.


so, today I went for a walk in the woods with my sisters, and found loads of broken bottles and glass-- along with broken pieces of china. it was so beautiful, the dishes we found. two of my sisters were busy taking photos of each other, while my youngest sister and i were busy with our new discoveries.
i just thought it was pretty cool and made me think "what if someone was living here"? i'm going to go back and look for more thingamabobs (my sisters referred to me as ariel. >.<). 

thanks for reading. <3

How to know if you are addicted to Social Media

Hello darlings! Now, I don’t know if you know this, but... for about a week I took a break from social media (mostly instragram, but I tried not to be on other sites as much), and do you want to know how I felt afterwards?

I know I have gone longer without social media before (and it was actually so amazing, because I got a lot more reading done and things like that), but this was me being very willing to give it up and try to control my temptation.
I know social media is a huge thing right now and part of our society. I know that because 1) I live in it, and 2) I wrote a paper on how social media effects teenagers.
I also know that I have been quite addicted to social media over my time with it, and I know people that are even more addicted. However, maybe some people don’t realize this. Perhaps this post can help you determine whether or not you are a social media addict. ;)

Shall we?

Read the following to find out if you are:

1. Do you check your news feed every day?

Once or twice a day is fine for every social media site you are connected with, but if you're checking it at every hour like me, then you might have a problem. 

2. When you're on your phone or tablet, do your thumbs suddenly have a mind of their own?

Try changing around your apps' placements, then you'll know for sure if your fingers are way ahead of you!

3. After a day full of excitement, do you have to posts pictures once you have the chance to sit down?

This one is understandable. Something fun is going on in your life, and you can't wait to share the experience with your close friends and family. Just as long as you don't have any jealous friends on your feed that would have really loved to have been there too.  

4. You realize that you forgot your charger on a long road trip, do you automatically have a panic attack?

Been there. Done that. 

5. Do you have all your notifications turned on so that you don't miss the moment when someone decides to follow you or like your recent post?

Because if you do... turn it off now. 

6. A friend suggests you to check out this post on an unfamiliar social media site, do you sign up first? 

Yeah... As you can see, I have far too many social media accounts.

7. It's been a rough day... does sitting down and scrolling through your feed un-stress you?

It does for me! And you're hearing it from a irl (in real life) social media addict. However, sometimes it just makes me even more moody.

8. You know EXACTLY what you want to post next, but you want to wait until tomorrow, do you stay up all night thinking about it?

Well, not all night... but throughout my shower, yes.

              If some of these questions relate to you, then you are probably a social media addict. Hey, don't worry... it's not that bad. Just don't forget to have a good time with your friends and family. Also, take a walk. Enjoy the fresh air. :)

              I hope this post didn't offend anyone (*weakly smiles*). I had fun writing it! Now, I'm going to try and stay off social media and focus on more important things. I hope you do the same! You will have so much more fun coming back to it after a long time away. 

That's all for now! Have anything you would like to add to the list? Please comment!

Thanks for reading! <3 

Am I growing? Do I grow? Have I grown?

“You’ve changed a lot,” one said to me.
“I have?” 
“Yeah, you’re more... serious now.”

Am I more serious than I used to be? Have I changed so much you’ve noticed? Am I growing up? Is that what growing up means? Do I even grow at all, and I’m just letting my inner self seep through? Or have I done it already-- have I grown?

Looking back at the year twenty twelve, seeing as I was fifteen then and not knowing exactly who I was (well, I claim to not know who I am right now... but I shall clarify that for you), I really felt that that was the year I had ventured out of my closed in bubble and took a step into the world. I made friends, I lost friends... From then on, I kept growing-- discovering new things about myself; becoming the person I am now. I felt like I have grown a great amount since then. Yes, I am a lot different now, I will admit to that.
I suppose you can say that I do know who I am, but I do have other parts of me yet to be discovered.
This past year-- twenty fourteen-- had been rather life changing. I had experienced so many new feelings and emotions. I found love, I felt absence, I had my heart broken. But the thing is-- you can either let that destroy you or change you. Please, oh gosh, please... Let it change you. Let it make you grow. Keep your chin held high and continue to discover yourself.
So, do you think that answers the statement made in the conversation above? Have I changed? Well, of course I have. Everyone changes, but a lot of the time you don't notice it. So many things happen, how could you not change? But there will always be the person that you used to be somewhere inside you. Even if it's a memory.

Thanks for reading. <3

The Year Of Changes ( a very hairy post )

Ah yes, I have decided that this year will be the year of changes. I'm sure everyone says that about every new year, but I want to be quite serious with mine. 

As you can see, I cut my hair. Yep, that's right. It's just-- *makes swoosh sound*-- gone. 

In January I turned the wonderful, very legal age, eighteen. I know right? I feel so old...

You see, this year (since I was turning 18) I decided that I really wanted to do something change-worthy.
And I knew exactly what it was!

No, I didn't want to cut my hair right away... I actually-- and now, don't be too surprised when you read this, but... I actually wanted to have my nose pierced. 


Phew, I'm so glad to get that off my chest. 

But sadly, I did not get to do that (yet). I decided to wait on it... I am kind of lazy about wearing earrings in the first place, so I don't know how I will do with a nose piercing or even if it is me...  However, I do still want a cute little nose piercing eventually, so maybe for my 20th birthday or something. *shivers* I can't even think about being twenty! I just want to one age forever. o-o

Anywho... I thought I would show you my hair, because I did end up deciding to get it cut.  


It actually doesn't look that long in these before pictures I took the day of. O.o That could just be me though.

Now, are you ready to see the after pictures? Well, of course you are! You didn't spend all this time reading just for the heck of it. Let's get moving, shall we?


Ta da! Do you guys like it? I really love it when it is all curly (more pictures soon to come).

I haven't had my hair cut short since I was nine! So, this was really a big change for me. I started having a panic attack once I got home after having it cut, and I was like: "Oh my gosh, what if I just made a huge mistake!" But my lovely bae made me feel all better. :} It's been like three weeks since I've had it cut and it already feels like it's growing out. o.O

I have realized that a lot of people are getting their hair cute short this year. A handful of celebrities have and quite a few bloggers have themselves, so I think it is in style this year.

Which gives me an idea! I think we should go through a list of pros and cons to having long hair and short hair.  

Long hair pros:

- You can style it basically any way you want

- Braids (you will miss braids)

- It keeps you warm (i guess?)

- Helps hide most of your face when you are having one of "those days" (i think that is just me though)

Long hair cons:


- It gets in the way sometimes

- Longer to wash

- You find long hair everywhere

- It keeps you warm (not only a pro)

Short hair pro:

- You look super with it

- If you have wavy/curly hair you don't even have to worry about the cons for this one; CUT IT SHORT ASAP (you'll look super cute)

- Super easy to wash 

- Save on shampoo and conditioner!

Short hair cons:

- You can't pull it up in the warm weather


- You can't style it as much as long hair

If anyone has anything they would like to add to the pros and cons list, be my guest! I would love to hear what you come up with. :) Sorry for the long (and hairy) post... please ignore my horrid selfies.

Thanks for reading. <3

Typing again after 5 months

Hey. Wow, it’s been a while. It’s quite dusty in here... I need to do a bit cleaning, huh? •-•


(I sure hope you all remember me or else this would be quite awkward.)

After a long time of hard thinking– *flashback to me sitting on the sofa eating fruit gummies*– I have come to two decisions.
1) continue this blog for the second time
2) stop blogging all together

I know that sounds kind of stupid, I mean... It's been like almost five months since I've been on, right? Why bother? However, I do have my reasons. I really, truly do miss blogging. I miss being able to write and enjoy being part of something. I miss the feeling of accomplishment. I miss you guys and reading your blogs.
Then there's the downside of it all... I really need a new computer. Mine isn't good, which doesn't inspire me to do anything on it. I have a bit of a busier schedule now, I find it hard to be able to sit down peacefully and write.
I really don't miss the pressures of having to post. I don't miss comparing myself to other's.

But... And there is always a 'but'.

I think I want to give it a try again. Before I make any hasty actions I might regret. *lowers voice* to be honest with you guys, I had already started writing a goodbye post. o-o I know, I'm horrible, right? But hey! This is where I belong. I've been blogging on and off since early 2011, and I don't want to give up now. I want to see if I can continue, :) I think I'll start off slow and post now and then, to keep myself in the blogging world.

So, thank you all for reading. <3

PS: I desperately want to change my URL, do any of you know the best way to do that without losing followers or having to pay for a domain? It would help me a ton, thanks. :)


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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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