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Hello lovelies. 
I have been thinking about updating my Links page for a while now, and I decided that I should do a post and ask anyone if they want their blog on it. 
So, with that said...

Whoever wants their blog sponsored on that page, please comment on this post OR on the Links page. :)

I'm going to put the buttons that are currently on my sidebar on there. So, if your blog is already on my sidebar then there's no need for commenting. :} Also; there's no time limit or anything... I can add your blog at anytime. I was just letting you know since I'm editing that page and while I'm at it, I'll add your blog to the list of blogs I love. :)

Just let me know. :}

(Random Story)

Did I tell you that I saved a puppy last week? I believe it was Shih Tzu. The little (rather heavy) guy was wandering in the middle of the road. So, lmy mom turned the car around to pull into a driveway and he started following us. My brother and I got out of the car and started toward the puppy. He turned around and trotted away from us, as if this were a game of tag. XD Once we got closer to him, he laid down on his back for a tummy rub but I picked him right up and carried him toward the drive near where we found him wandering in the road. He was the cutest! I think his owner   whom was a very young girl   was terrified when she saw two strangers carrying her dog up their driveway. O.o 

Sorry if you found that boring. I just thought I'd share it since it totally made my week. The poor guy could have gotten run over by a car... I'm happy to know that he is safe now. :)

Okay, well, thanks for reading! <3 



 First things first; Happy (late) Memorial Day! Let's all take a moment to remember all the men and woman that have fought for this country. *closes eyes* ... *breathes deeply*... *slowly exhales and opens eyes* There, now you can say that you thought of all those kindhearted people today.
 Now... where do I begin? I've had a rather busy week. I don't know why, but I've been quite stressed out about various things. My mind is like a busy highway and all my thoughts are cars. Just casually driving around and around and around and   you get the point. ;) So, yes, I've had a lot of things of my mind. Good and bad. Thank goodness the weather has been beautiful or else I would be a huge mess of emotions. Somehow my moods are affected by the changes in our forecast. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I the only one?
 Anywho... Tomorrow I'm (maybe) going to take a test at this community college. The test just gives me an overall of where I am at in English (I believe). Then I get to choose whether or not if I want to take some college level classes there so that they are out of the way for when I do go to college. It all seems... I don't know. I'm a very overwhelmed person, but I'm trying not to stress out about it so much   at least, not until the very last second. It all makes me nervous... I want to go to college but then I don't want to. Gah! Enjoy your youthful years while you have it children. •-• 
 I'm really hoping to see The Fault in Our Stars movie with Rose. It's like the only thing I have and want to look forward to this year. But I'm not sure if it's going to work out... I asked my mom (in a very creative way, if I may say so myself.) and she didn't say yes, but she didn't say no... which sorta crushed me. Also; I am busy through the beginning of June up until after June 16th, because of my sisters' birthdays. Then Rose is going to be busy from then on, so I don't know what to do. [insert sobbing face here] Sorry, I just needed to vent about that. •-• If it doesn't work out, I'll cry. I'm serious, I will! (o-o)/ 
 Other than all that, I've had a very beautiful spring so far... Hopefully I will read a lot this summer. Oh, but then I have to think about getting a part-time job... I'm gettin' worried about my future. Ah! So many things to do, not enough time to do them. *sighs* 

 So, how is everyone doing? What are your summer plans? :) 

I think that is all for now... I really enjoyed writing to you guys. I needed to get some of that out, yah know? Thanks for reading. <3


Don't Stop

I haven't posted music on Monday in forever. >.< Well, at least, that's what it feels like.

5 Seconds of Summer - Don't Stop

"You're like perfection, some kind of holiday
You got me thinking that we could run away
You want I'll take you there,
You tell me when and where,
Oh oh oh oh"

I picked this song in honor of 5 Seconds of Summer preforming at the BBMA's.

*claps* Good job boys! :)

xx Mackenzie <-- I spelled my name wrong the first time. ._.

The Big 101 (a milestone)

As you all (probably) noticed, I have reached to one hundred and one lovely followers! \(>.<)/ Thank you for the countdown Madeline. ;) So, yeah, I thought I should do a post about it. I know, I should probably do a contest or something to celebrate... but I did just have a blog party, so I'll think about doing a contest or something another time. :}

^^ I thought this fit the occasion pretty well, don't you? ;)

Now, I must tell you all how thankful I am to achieve this. You all are so supportive and nice. I love receiving your positive comments, they always make my day. I know I don't reply to all my comments like I'd want to, but I just want you to know that I do read through them all. They always make me feel special. :)

Thank you all for the 101! <3 

Message to newer followers: You have just entered a world of; fangirling, crying, and weirdness. You have been warned. O-O

Anywho! I totally forgot about doing that book tag I was going to do. -.- I better get on that! 

Again, thank you so much! I am so very grateful. I never thought I would get this far.

Lots of love,

t i m e


silly isn't it? the way we revolve around it. 
sometimes i feel as if i'm grasping onto the end of an unraveled fabric; i'm keeping myself busy but not actually getting anywhere. (unless you bring out the scissors, of course)

 my whole life is a clock. i feel like it's ticking away to nothing and i have to try and make the best out of each second. you see, i'm somewhat addicted to putting myself on a time schedule. i mentally note to myself: okay, try and get this done before this time so you can have free time. 
 it never works, in all honesty, because then I start to procrastinate when i'm on a time schedule. i procrastinate when something needs to be done, which never ends up getting done unless i feel i have some extra time on my hands.
 oh, how i wish time was unlimited, or if only there wasn't such a thing. don't you agree? just think, if we didn't have a clock staring back at us all day long, wouldn't that be a little bit easier? most importantly, wouldn't that make your lazy days easier? wouldn't you want to close your eyes for a few moments without glances at the clock that reminds you of the things that need to be done but really don't need to be done right away?

life is a clock   we go in circles until it has had enough.


I do hope you don't mind my complaining and hatred toward time. -.- Hopefully some of you can agree with me.
Also, hopefully, I will be posting more often, and replying to my comments/emails more frequently...
  *crosses fingers*
I really want to get back into writing, and maybe complete a book by the end of the year. ;)
*crosses toes*

Hope you all are having an amazing May. <3

P.S. *squeals* I'm almost to 100 followers! >.< 

-photo via Pinterest-

Blog Reviews (2 of 2)

Hello pretty party people! How yah doing?

Here are the rest of the blog reviews that I promised. :) Ready Freddies? <-- I don't even know...

*insert cool music*

--blog number one--

Owner: Anna
Design: Cute | Fun | Bright | Neat
Posts I likedi / ii / iii

note: Even though I just followed your blog, I really like it because it is a lot of fun to look at and your posts are really cute. You have a lot of great DIYs and cool pictures! I love the name too, it's so cute and creative. <3 Keep up the great job, and always be you. <3 :) *high five fellow red head and directioner*

-- blog number two--

Owner: Madeline
Design: Cool | Inspiring | Beautiful 
Posts I likedi / ii / iii

note: (Hi Madeline!!!! <3 ) Can I just say that you are a very awesome person, therefore your blog is just as awesome? Well too late, I've already said it.
 I love how you aren't afraid to be crazy or share your opinion. (I mean that in the best way possible of course.) Your posts are perfect. You say you can't write, but I'd say that's a lie. Just from the looks of your blog posts, I bet you have a million great ideas. Although, I do know how you feel about your computer being not where you want it to be. >.< I can totally relate to the feeling. And... now I'm getting sidetracked. Where was I? Oh yes, your blog is perfect and I just love very little bit of it. Everyone, you must get to know Madeline here, because she's a pretty epic person. :)

--blog number three--

Life of an Amity Girl

Owner: MOLLY!
Design: Fun | Cool | Pretty
Posts I likedi / ii / iii

note: ( HI MOLLY!!! =D ) I really love your blog because: 1. You're an awesome friend. And; 2. Your blog is just as awesome and so much fun. 
I remember when you first started your blog (well, this one) and I was so happy that you did because you are too amazing not to have one. ;) I love all your posts and get very excited when I see them. You're a very fun and interesting person that everyone needs to get to know. Keep up it up girly! <3 (just check out the posts that I like, you'll know what I'm talking about.) 

--blog number four--

Owner: My Flawless Best Friend (you all know who she is)
Posts I liked: i ii iii    and so much more. *sobs from overwhelming flawlessness*

note: ( HEY THERE SWEET THANG. ;) ) What can I say? There isn't one thing that I don't love about your blog, my dear. You're flawlessness reflects off of you and into your words, which makes everything around it just stunning. You are just a beautiful person, and that makes you such a beautiful blogger. Your designs are speechless. I just... I can't even. You overwhelm me with your perfection. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. <3 #lovemahbaby


That's all for the blog reviews! 
I just wanted to thank everyone that took part in My Blog Party, you guys are great. Everyone said just lovely things about my blog   and me. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have such followers friends. You all make me smile! :) This goes to everyone, not just the ones that participated in my party. 

Thank you so much for everything! I can't even express my gratitude towards you all and your perfection.

Always be you, that's all. <3 


She Looks So Perfect

5 Seconds Of Summer - She Looks So Perfect 

"Let's get out, let's get out
'Cause this deadbeat town's only here just to keep us down
While I was out, I found myself alone just thinking
If I showed up with a plane ticket
And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it
Would you wanna run away too?
'Cause all I really want is you"


I am so obsessed with this song. O_O I love it so much. <3 

I also love 5SOS. 
Beside You and She Looks So Perfect are probably my current fave songs by them. 

Do any of you like 5SOS? :)


PEA ES: I decided to do the rest of my blog reviews tomorrow. >.< So don't worry, I haven't forgotten about them. :) 

Blog Party Wrap Up // Blog Reviews

Hello lovelies! As you may or may not know, my Blog Party has (sadly) ended. :(

But the party doesn't end here! Remember this post? Yeah, well I'm still going to do blog reviews for everyone that came to the "party".
 I decided that I'm going to separate the blog reviews into two posts, since there were seven people that joined. This post and a post on Tuesday (hopefully) will be blog reviews from my blog party. :}

So, shall we start? ;)
+ + +

*insert funky music*

First we have... *drumroll* Bethan's blog!

Owner: (The Beautiful) Bethan
Design: Cute | Bright | Happy | Beautiful | Welcoming 
Posts I liked: i / ii / iii

note: (*waves* Hi Bethan! •-• ) I really like LOVE your blog because I  enjoy looking forward to all your posts! I get super excited and a little part of me just jumps up and down when I see what you have to say. I really like your book hauls and book tags, those are always really fun to read! I like how you use tags that are usually on YouTube and answer the questions with words and pictures. You're a really awesome blogger and I cannot tell you how flawless you are. Which makes your posts flawless too. <3 You're just so amazing! *squeals* <-- le me, fangirling. O.o

-- blog number two --

Owner: Celia
Design: Fun | Cute | Crazy | Funky
Posts I liked: i / ii iii

note: Even though I just recently followed your blog, I really like it because it is different and cool. I love your posts, they're really fun! You design suits you. You're an amazing artist and really good storyteller. I love your bright attitude and your love for Frozen. ;) I will definitely be checking your blog out more often! :)

-- blog number three --

Name: Better Than Words (*starts signing 1D song*)
Owner: Brooke Elise 
Design: Lovely | Beautiful | Cute | Inspiring 
Posts I liked: i / ii iii

note: (Hi Brooke! Or... Elise..? O.o Sorry, I get confused to easily. >_<) I really like your blog because it is so full of life. From your inspiring posts, to your fangirling moments. You are a great, loving person, that anyone would love to get to know. You personality is just great, and somehow you put yourself into your words. If that makes any sense... Your design really fits you. :) I will always be one of your loyal followers, and fellow fangirling friend. :} You're amazing, beautiful, and just... lovely. Which makes your blog amazing, beautiful, and lovely... <3

Thanks for reading. <3

Coming soon...

- The rest of my Blog Party Blog Reviews

- A book tag

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