B & W photography

So, I was playing around with my camera yesterday and thought that I would post a few pictures. :)
They're not perfect but I'm working on it. >.<

My pumpkin (and Allegiant ) I have in my room, I used a sharpie to give it a face. ^_^ 

My desk + bulletin board and (stinky) laptop. 

 The Fault in Our Stars
I just love this picture. <3_<3 

 paintbrushes! \(>.<)/ ...a little blurry though. :\
 MEEEEE! -(•-•)/ with, The Fault in Our Stars. 
"Maybe okay will be our always." 

Okay, that's all! I really need to decide where my watermark is going to go. O.o I have it in all different corners on every other picture and it just doesn't look right. >.<

thanks for looking/reading. <3

HAPPY (early) HALLOWEEN!!! \(•-•)/ And Happy (early) Birthday to my doggy. (•-•)-<3 
What are you all being for Halloween? :}

"what i think about."

[ via tumblr ]

wondering about.
where do my thoughts travel?
far into the unknown.
no one would ever know.
what i think about.
they go far and deep.
then back around.
all my thoughts combine into one.
dark and lonesome.
sad or happy.
what do i think about?
no one would ever know.

thanks for reading. <3 


Coldplay - Atlas ( The Hunger Games: Catching Fire )

How could one song hold so many feels?! It's just too much, too much! *sobs*  ... *pulls self together* Anyways, I post this song in honor of the FINAL Catching Fire trailer that aired last night. I cannot contain my emotions right now. I just... *squeals* PEETA, I LOVE YOU. KATNISS, ERMEHGAWSH.
This movie is going to be amazing. o-o

thanks for reading and watching. <3

please check out my 2nd tumblr! This one is for my blog. :]


because i don't know what to post and i really love this quote

"I don't know a perfect person. 
I only know flawed people who are still worth loving." 
-John Green 


something to live for

"I wish it didn't exist." 

"But without death, we would have nothing to strive for. We'd know how long we had--forever--and we'd never do anything. We wouldn't have something to live for because we know it wouldn't end."

[ photo via tumblr ]


warning: EXTREME fangirling excitement below.  


[ my photo, no touchy ]







[ Divergent fans will understand my emotions right now ]

I have been waiting a whole year for this book to come out, and now... the day has come. 

And I don't even know what to do.

I don't want it to end! I'm almost in tears and I haven't even read the book yet! Except for the last two words. OHMYGOSH. 

*squeals then takes deep breaths* Okay, calm down Kenzie. Calm down.



Alright, that is all... I shall go finish rereading Insurgent, then Rosie and I will begin reading the book together. (O-O)-<3

This book will be the end of me, and I am pretty okay with that.


thanks for reading. <3 


Lorde - Team 

Ugh, I love this song so much. >.< I know the beginning is a little hard to get past, but after that it is really good. 

My favorite part is the Chorus. :}

"We live in cities you'll never see on screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run free
Living in ruins of the palace within my dreams
And you know, we're on each other's team"

enjoy. <3 

yay & nay [ #8 ]


- one word; ALLEGIANT 

- Finnick, you smell like fish. ew. O-O <-- @Rosie good times XD 

- THIS SONG. I love it but I can't get it out of my head. >.<

- I finally got a Tumblr. Pwease follow... pwease? I wuv dah design. o-o <-- what happened to my grammar? O.o

- My oh so lovely sister started a blog! :D Please check it out: CLICK HERE

- "DON'T TOUCH MY COMPUTERS" or whatever he said. XD



- ...I'm so hungry.

- writing. Ugh, why must it be so hard?

- my feet are cold.

- I totally forget my week. 

- ...I miss you, Emma. Come back... Please? I love you.

thanks for reading. <3 


#FandomFriday [ 2 ]

'ello meh lovely cookies! How are you? Ya'll ready for an epic #FandomFriday?! I thought now would be a good time for one since there's a lot of fandomy things popping up here and there. O-O 

Shall we begin? I think, "yes"! ;) ... •-•

Hmm... What are the most recent updates in my fandoms? Let's start off with The Hunger Games fandom: 

The Catching Fire TV spot. *explodes into tiny fangirl pieces* ERMEHGAWSH. It was so beautiful... *sobs* I died. Too many feelz. 

If you guys haven't seen the Catching Fire TV spot. Go. Watch it. Now. 

Here is dah linky doodle thingy:

Now, onto le next fandom... DIVERGENT!! 



^^^ HIS FACE. <3_<3

I honestly cannot wait for the Divergent movie. WHY MUST IT BE SO FAR AWAY?!?! Ugh, these movie making people really enjoy killing us, don't they? 

And also, The Host fandom! >.<

Yesterday ( I believe it was yesterday ) was Max Irons' birthday! Happy birthday Max! 
*throws glittery kisses at screen* He's so adorable... and british. <3_<3

Now, last but not least...

*squeals* hazel and augustus moment! >.<


*clears throat* sorry for the caps. •-•

Welp, that's about it... sorry for the random weirdness. >.< I've got some stuff to do, so this was just a quick post for me. 

thanks for reading. <3

photos\gifs via tumblr 

"Should I?"

[ inspired by this photo ]


  I pant. Ice cold air stinging my throat while my toes tingle from numbness. Running can only get me so far, I just hope by the end of time I will be wherever I'm running to. 
  The leaves crackle with every shot of wind, blowing the crinkled brown leaves onto the ground to shrivel up and die. My boots crunch beneath them as I run faster, feeling my muscles work beneath my pasty cold skin. I stumble every so often, feeling the urge to stop and lie down. But the noises from people in the far distance keeps me moving. 

  Keep moving.

  You can do this. I remind myself. 

  Right as I begin to run faster, I am forced to a sudden stop. A horse and man blocks my pathway. 

  "Watch it!" I yell without remark.  

  He climbs off of his horse and I step back. You can't trust anyone you just meet, not around here. I stare down at the sword resting in the scabbard from his belt, then back up to his face covered by the hood on his dark brown cape. 
  "Remove it." I demand.

  "Remove what?" he asks, clueless. 

  "The hood. Remove it, now."

  Slowly, he reaches for the hood of his cape. 

  "Wait," I stop him. "Take off the sword first."

  He sighs and removes his sword, laying it gently onto the cold ground, then reaching back up for his hood. I gasp when he reveals his face. 

  "It's you. It's really you." And before I know it, he throws his firm arms around me as I bury my face into his chest. 

  "I thought you were gone." I sniffle a tear and whisper into his shirt. 

  "I thought you were gone too, until now." he says and I try to help myself not cry. It's been so long since we were together, then I remember he left me. He left me alone to survive on my own with nothing but a coat to keep warm.  
 After a moment, he pulls back and cups his hands around my face.  "Come with me." 

  I think about all the reasons why I should go with him, there's too many to name. 

  "You left me. How do I know that you won't leave me again?" 

  He rests his forehead against mine and I feel the warmth of his breath tickle my lips. 

  "You have to trust me." 

  I glance over at his horse, waiting patiently for his owner. 

  Should I? 

  Should I really trust him?


Thank you all so much for 70 69 followers! :D I love you. <3 
Thanks for reading. <3


maybe you hold to be held. 
 maybe you dream to be dreamt.
maybe you love to be loved.
  maybe you feel to be felt.
maybe you think to be thought.
maybe you listen to be heard.  
                           maybe you let go to hold on. 


thanks for reading. <3 

"Still Into You"

Paramore - Still Into You

I think this music video was really fun and cool, so I thought I'd share it with you. :) 

ughh, I keep posting really late. >.< 

anyways, enjoy. <3


^^ I can't stop fangirling. O.o Thanks Molly! XD

-- happy birthday Joshy --

today is was the one and only Joshua Ryan Hutcherson's 21st birthday. *sniffles* meh baby is growing up on me. I cannot believe he is 21! TWENTY-ONE. It feels like yesterday when he was in Little Manhattan. 


now, prepare yourself for a Josh spam. In honor of his special day. ;)

^^ I love his hair in both of these. <3_<3

^^ not one awkward stage. 


^^^ asdfghjk....asdfghjkl. *throws glitter kisses at computer screen*

^^ this picture. ERMEHGAWSH. >>>


*giggles and kisses computer screen* ain't he just adorable. <3_<3 


thank you for teaching us how to love who we are and how to be who we are. 
you will forever be my favorite male actor\inspiration\role model. 
...now, if only I could tell him that in person. but I would probably die within a thousand feet from him or lose my voice completely. O.o 
thank you all for reading this very special and late post. sorry for the awkward fangirling. 

now, let's quote our baby. 

"Never say you have no life. Life isn't but what you do. It's about how you do it. Be the best you can be and treat people with respect."  -Josh Hutcherson

now, I must go... I have Joshy in my basement and he's waiting for cake. come on Rosie! we must force him to make those hot cricket sounds! (-•-•)/

[ photo source :: sorry all the pictures are all over the place. o-o ]

five facts about me [ #7 ]

I haven't done one of these in FOREVER! I guess this calls for one. :} I thought I'd spice it up and do it with pictures.

::five facts about me::

1.)  i'm a lot cooler online.  <-- now I want a shirt that says that. o-o

2.) i constantly check my phone. <-- for texts from Rosie of course. ;) 

3.) i wish i had smooth skin. 

4.) i love imagine dragons.

5.) i worry too much. 

thanks for reading. <3


a lot of people say they don't fit in. 
i for one, do not fit in. 
or so, that's how i feel. 
have you ever gone somewhere and automatically thought that you're not suppose to be there?
even though you chose to be there, you just feel like you're there by mistake. 
i know, that probably sounds confusing. 
for example: 
let's pretend i want to go to this so called event. i'm so excited, but once i get there... i feel shun. like one of those misfit toys. i feel as if no one wants anything to do with me. at all. 
it's not a good feeling. 
not at all. 
you feel invisible.
i could feel this way because i'm quiet or because i'm not good with socializing. there could be many reasons. but if you feel this way too, you're not the only one. trust me. 
you can call this a rant, but i thought i'd just talk about it. 

alright, i think that is all for now. ugh, i really wish i could have made this post more inspirational. >.<

oh well,

thanks for reading. <3 

wow. just wow.

Alright, before reading this post, I suggest you read the one below it. Yeah, right down there
Thank you.

*few moments later* Now that you've read it...

*explodes into tiny fangirling pieces*

Asdfghjkl; Dahhhhh...!!!!!....asgjbcosucnfhixcbvmsdoiyrfwsehfksfyhs....!!...asdoaif...hsfhosf..soeqorl.  <-- *cough* sorry. I can't really contain my emotions. O.o I'm just so flipping happy! Alright, pull yourself together Mackenzie. Inhale... exhale... breathe. *inhales*... *exhales*...*inhales*...*sobs*
Y-you all honestly have no idea how happy that post made me. It truly made my whole life complete.
Now, before I continue, I want to just sorta explain to you what my reaction was like. I feel when I hear about someone's reaction to something special, I know it actually meant something to them. So, without further ado...

Reaction Replay ( 10\8\13 ) 

*walks into door from taking my five hour driver's class*

*toilet flushes in background*

*runs upstairs and changes*

*grabs my phone and plops down on bed*

*checks email* Oh my goodness, where did all these comments come from? I didn't even post today.

*checks blog* ...oh.my.word.

*smiles like an idiot while reading through post*

*reads halfway through post until I get called to go downstairs because my dog ran off outside*
*walks back into room and begins smiling like an idiot again*

*sniffles and reads through comments*
*sobs into Rose's arms [ via text ]*
*in bed that night*

*re-reads post\comments and goes to sleep very happy*

And that's pretty much it. •-• I'm not sure if you can tell but, I am speechless. I didn't expect that post, or all those comments. All those meaningful words that I shall forever cherish in my heart. My thanks could never justify how much all of that meant/means to me. I wish I could just pull you all into my arms and give you the hug each and every one of you deserve. *sniffles* Thank you, just thank you. I-I can't help but think that, you all actually went to that comment box, put your fingers on those keys, and began typing for me. You wrote those beautiful words for me. It just... I don't know. It just makes me feel so special. And when I'm having one of those days where things just don't seem right, I will look upon those words you all-- including you, Rose-- wrote to me and I will remind myself that there are actually people out there that care. That care about me. And please know that, I care about you too. Just because I haven't said "I care about you" doesn't mean I don't.
Would you all like to know something? If so; come here. I won't bite... I promise. Come on, closer... a little bit closer. Whoa there, not that close. •-• *clears throat and whispers* You. are. FLAWLESS. Mhm, you. Yes, YOU. Wanna know how you are flawless? Just by having your beautiful, kindhearted soul. By taking the time to write those comments and that post. By taking the time write to me. YOU ARE FLAWLESS AND THERE AIN'T NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT SO, HA! •-• <---You hear that Rosie? YOU are flawless. Yep, YOU.

So with that;

Thank you all for being the best you there could ever be. 

And no, I'm not done with you Rosie. Gosh, what did I ever do to deserve you? Heck, what on earth would I do without you?! I'd probably... DIE. Yes, I would. You, Rose, are the light to my day. The stars to my night. The bird to my nest. And the flower to my spring. <-- I know, I could do better than that. -_- *sighs* but Rosie, you truly are my everything. I cannot go a day without talking/thinking/smiling about you. And if there's anyone that has a problem with our friendship, they'll have to go through this guy. *points to tiny leprechaun in the corner of the room* •-• ... He's much stronger than you think.

Welp, that's all for now. And again, thank you all so so so much. I love each and every single one of you. <3 And you Rose, I love YOU so so much. Don't ever change. <3 *hugs and kisses*

Thanks for reading. <3



Because I love you;

To the dearest viewers of this blog, today I [the awko taco from Truly. Madly. Deeply.] come to you seeking the answer to a dire question that needs your consent. If you do not wish to participate in such a debate that is fine. I understand. Because this is a very deep, emotional matter that will need your full attention and thought whilst you read. So with that said; proceed with caution.

Author's Note: I am only here because Emma gave me the idea [ so Kenz, if you get mad frustrated, focus on her because she planted the seed that sprouted this evil idea. o.o ]

*clears throat* Now, you may be asking yourself why I'm here, invading the privacy of my buddy's blog. Or maybe none of you know who I am and have already taken yourself off this post. o.O But for those of you who haven't [yet], I want to discuss with you a very important issue that is growing in our young red head's mind.

So, you see...erm...Mackenzie, she, uh...she's amazing, right? Beautiful, funny, artistic, kind, compassionate, the definition of a [best] friend. She's inspired many of us with her exquisite words and she understands--such an important quality I love. She's also friendly--something I wish I could be--to everyone. For an example, let's use you. Yes, you. The reader of this post. You've felt the urge to comment, right? And when that urge won did you ever go back to see her reply? [in the best of circumstances, let's say yes, you did.] Now, what did you find? A reply. Whoa. Dude. In a sudden flood of emotions you squeal and lean toward your computer screen, letting your eyes linger on every word she typed in reply to your opinion. And when it's over and you've read every word--twice--you find yourself compelled. To do what, exactly?

Reply back.

Then before you know you guys are best friends, emailing back and forth, chatting into oblivion, and where am I?! Left in the dust! *coughs* Alright, alright, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is, she's friendly. But not only does she have a friendly heart, but a big one at that. She's so...forgiving. I remember a time when frustration struck the lands of our habitat and I shall tell you; everything ended in disaster. But she forgave me. She forgave me of unforgivable sins when she should of turned me around and kicked me out of her life for good.

But she didn't do that. Instead, she overlooked my flaws and pulled me into her arms--*sniffles and turns away* I-I'm gonna need a moment.

. . . *blows nose* . . .

*turns back toward computer* Alright, I'm good. W-where was I? Let's see, friendly, forgiving...oh! And that brings me to her biggest component; the substance that is her very core.


So not only is our Kenz Friendly and Forgiving, but she is also Flawless as well. [it's the three F's of friendship! >.<] However, as most girl's/teens/women tend to be, she will probably look upon this later and say to herself, "Rosie, I'm not flawless." <-- this is the issue I was referring to, in one of the paragraphs above. •-•

Oh but Kenz, that's where you're wrong.

I am calling upon you, dear readers/followers/"cookies", to help me prove Mackenzie wrong. We shall show her how beautiful she is. We shall show her how friendly she is. We shall show her how her flawless existence has helped our own! So what do you say? Will you help me? Please?

...what? You don't know how to help?! Well that's the easy part my friends! Just comment below, expressing your opinion about our dear blogger. Anything will suffice. From a simple; I love you to a convincing speech conveying that she is amazing. I appreciate your participation in this, dear reader. Thank you for your time and words. Kenz and I both appreciate it--or at least she will, in the future...

Well, I guess that is all for now. :} Thank you for reading and please don't forget to comment!


\(•-•)- ↓ DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT! ↓ -(•-•)/


Imagine Dragons - Demons. 

Okay, lemme get this straight. I loved this song WAY before it was on the radio. -_- *huffs* this always happens to me. I like something then it gets popular and yeah... O.o

Enjoy! <3 

yay & nay [ #7 ]

:: YAY ::

- cheering my sister, Koren, on at her soccer games. If I were her, I'd tell everyone we aren't related. 


- When my sister, Lila, calls Ansel Elgort my boyfriend. >:) You have no idea how happy that makes me. O.o

- laughing. hard.

- finally finding my SD card slot ( or whatever you call it ) on my laptop after about almost a year. Now I can post pretty photos I take. :}

- THIS FLAWLESS GIRL IS JUST SO FLAWLESS. *SOBS* Y U DO THIS TO ME!?!?! and btw, you are scary good. 

^^ how the heck...? You should've seen my reaction. I nearly jumped out of my chair. O.o Ask Lila. 


- braces. ugh. 

- doubt. 

- coming up with story ideas.

- trying to write.

- I'm sorry for something I said. [ Yes, I'm still sorry. ]

- life \\ please keep praying for my grandma. <3 Thank you. *hugs*

- MISSING HER. *sniffles* ...it hurts. 

- not having to plan her funeral. •-•

thanks for reading. <3 

Liebster Award ( finally! )

Liebster Award Rules:
Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition.
Post 11 questions for them to answer.
Notify them that they've been nominated.

thank you Sarah for awarding me! :) 

I got a lot of awards from a lot of people, so I decided to do whoever awarded me first just to be fair. :P but thank you to all that awarded me! I feel so special. :}

Who's your favorite Youtuber?
I'd have to go with... either;
- Kiera Cass 
-Cassidy Tucker
-Connor Franta

^^ I'd probably have to go with Connor Franta... idk, I love them all. XD

If you could go on a date with any book or movie character, who would it be?
*cough* JOSH *cough* -- wait, character? Oh well, then... PEETA MELLARK. 

What's something your followers don't know about you?
erm... I'm in love with Ansel Elgort. <3_<3 Idk, I don't really know. Probably my secrets because yeah... they're my secrets. :P

What's your top thing that you want to accomplish someday?
this is very hard because I have a lot of things I want to accomplish. I guess help make a difference? Change someone's life? In a good way. OR, I really want to write a book that would be like... life changing. Well not life changing but, something that would help inspire someone. :) 

What at the moment is your favorite song?
Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

How have you changed in the past two years?
yes, I have.

What TV show are you currently addicted to?
I don't watch tv... like at all. But I guess I'll have to go with Frasier. Yeah, it is a very old show but I enjoy it. XD

What's the meaning of your blog name?
it means, I like to think, eat, write, and read. XD

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
THE POWER OF FLIGHT! even though I have a tiny fear of heights.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
*looks down at scroll* hmm... *looks back up* aww man, just one thing? *tosses scroll of very long list* well I guess I would have to change... my physical appearence. I really wish I wasn't so awkward. 

Now, for my questions. >:D

1. How many fingers am I holding up? O.o 

2. What is the first thing you see to your left?

3. Something you are passionate about?

4. Have you read Divergent? If not, go read it. Four will become your new favorite number. Don't question it, just gooooo.

5. Pet Peeve?

6. Are you annoyed by these questions?

7. How about now?

8. ...now?

9. wassup? •-•

10. Have you hugged someone today? If not, GO HUG 'EM!! -(•-•)/

11. What is something that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening? hehe... let's see if you can crack the riddle. ;) Comment what you think it is. Please? •-• Pwetty Pwease?!?!?! •-•

Alright, that's all my questions... I'm pretty sure everyone else has already done this tag, but if any of you haven't... I tag YOU. Yes you. •-• 

thanks for reading. <3

P.s. THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!! \(>.<)/ Yay for meeeeee!!

#FandomFriday [ 1 ]

So, one day, I saw on-- I think it was one of Anna's blogs... I'm not really sure. But one day I saw a caption that said "Fandom Friday" which gave me the idea for "#FandomFriday". In which I will post every [ other ] Friday about my fandoms' recent updates. I thought this would be good because it allows me to express my "fangirl feels" AND in my URL it says "Thoughts of a fangirl" so... I thought it would be appropriate as well. XD

 *creepy face* shall we begin? ;)

Let's start off with "The Hunger Games" fandom:

^^ here we have a Katniss and Gale moment while filming Mockingjay [ part 1 ]. If only Peeta were there to chuck bread at Gale. •-• 

A-and here we have... *drools while staring at photo like a creeper* <3_<3 W-what was I saying again? •-•
Oh yes, *clears throat* we have the one and only Joshua Ryan Hutcherson from his recent interview with Jennifer about Mockingjay or IMAX or something... I forget, I was too lost in his eyes. •-•

Enjoy this ADORABLE picture of Finnick and Mags. <3 ASDFGHJKL, look at his smile! It's so adorable. •-• I wuv you Finnick! *chucks glittery kisses at laptop screen*

Now, for the "Divergent" fandom's recent updates:

 17 more days until Allegiant!!!

I'm so excited. I just wish I could re-read Divergent right now before Allegiant comes out, but my dad is still reading it. >.<


^^ I cannot contain myself right now. \(•-•)/

^^ LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT IS! *sobs* asdfghjkl, Tobias meh baby! You have a gorgeous back! •-• <--- *cough* creeper. *cough*

Moving onto, "The Selection" fandom:

 "The One" cover release, ISN'T IT GORGEOUS?! <3_<3  I think it is my favorite cover out of the trilogy. Even though all of the covers are just FLAWLESS. •-•

The last but certainly not least, "The Fault In Our Stars" fandom:

^^ THIS PICTURE IS JUST SO FREAKING ADORABLE, ASDFGHJKL I LOVE IT SO MUCH. *sobs* <-- yeah... *cough* I know I haven't finished the book yet, but I couldn't help but not post THIS picture. •-•

Alrighty, that's all for #FandomFriday! Tune in next time for more fangirling creepy weirdness. •-•

Good night everybody! \(•-•)/ <-- idek. 

thanks for reading. <3

p.s. is anyone else's computer not letting them load certain images? or videos? Like for example; the recent music video I posted on Monday isn't showing up. It says "cannot load plug-in" . any idea what that means? I'm clueless. :P  

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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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