Wake Me Up

Avicii - Wake Me Up

I can't get this song out of my head. >.< I love it so much! I thought the music video would be weird... but it is somewhat... not. O.o

Enjoy. <3 

yay & nay [ #6 ]

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a while. O.o Shall we get started? *slides on shades* B) 

:: yay ::

[ these are all totally out of order ]

- watching your fifteen-year-old sister get tackled by eight-year-olds. *evil laugh* 

- caaannnddyyyy.

- two words. one name. Augustus Waters.

-warm weather!!


- IRON MAN 3!!!!!!!!!!!! [ what the heck? evil dude, Y U NO DIE? ] 

- books. 'nuff said.

- my mom. <3  I love you, Mama.

- first writing class was yesterday. and let me just say, I am loving this teacher. 

- about to get "The Prince" on our Kindle! :D

- Kiera Cass <--- Y U SO PERF?

- Connor Franta, thank you for making me laugh.

- not having to go to a 5 hour drivers course. 

- hashtags

-  FRIENDSHIP FEELZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- THIS GIRL IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND JUST FLAWLESS AND PERFECT AND ughhhhhhhh... I love you so much Rosie! *sobs* <--- you might want to stay away from me today, I have bad friendship feelz and I am slightly creepy... so yeah... I HAD COFFEEEEEEE. <3_<3 

^^^ isn't it so purdy?!?! Oh my gosh, you all MUST get one. they are sooo yummy. and I'm not sure if there's caffeine in it but I think there might be... 'cause I'm really feeling it right now. <3_<3 

:: nay :: 

- when your hands and feet are cold, like all the time. 

- man funk. [ don't ask. O_O ] 

- having a fear of road signs. O.o yeah... long-ish story...

- not going to my 5 hour drivers course. 

- crying. meh.

- this is more awkward than anything: when your foot accidentally touches the boy's sitting next to you in class and he apologizes then you sorta just pretend you didn't notice or hear him. *grumbles* stupid. -_-

- social anxiety. it is not fun.

-  realizing you are just utterly boring. 

- writing. 

- hashtags 

- hospitals. \\ Can you all please pray for my grandma? She's in the hospital right now and could use some support. It would mean the world to me. I don't know details about her health concerns but we think it's her cancer. I'll be doing a special post for her soon. But in the meantime, maybe you could just say a quick small prayer for her? I know you don't know her, but she is one of the most important people in my life and I love her so much. Words cannot describe. O-oh gosh, I'm getting and teary eyed. I better go before this post gets all wet. Thank you all so much. <3

thanks for reading! <3 


[photo via Pinterest]

  "Where are you going?!"

"Anywhere but here!" I shouted as I slammed the car door shut. 

Where am I going?

I turned on the car and put it in reverse.

 How far will it take me?

 As the car rolled backward down the driveway, my mother shouted and begged for me to come back. 

I didn't.

  I drove passed houses with freshly cut lawns. Families doing their everyday life. No one seemed to notice, no one seemed to care. That's because no one knew. No one knew what was happening, I mean, how could they? This was something even I didn't know. Something I only... felt.
  Maybe there will be a day where I have the desire to come back. Maybe things will be different. Maybe people will realize how much they meant to me before they walked away. Before they hurt me. 
  I'm not doing this to get back at them, I'm not doing this to teach them some kind of lesson. But... I can't do it anymore. I need time. Time to clear things out, think things through. Time in a place where no one knows who I am, or who I was. To remind me of my mistakes. To remind me of my problems or feelings. 
  For now, I just need to get away. 


Don't stop.



Thanks for reading. <3 

please read this FLAWLESS post . <<<< It totally explains me. 

and in that moment when;
 everything around you seems to just crash,
you might find a spark.
a sense of rebellion.
"i will not give up."

you never know who you might inspire. 
please, don't give up. 
no matter how hard it is; be strong.

dedicated to Anna. please read this post


"I cannot live without books." 

-Thomas Jefferson

thanks for reading <3


p.s. check out my "about me" page. I updated it. ---->>>

Counting Stars

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

"Lately I've been losing sleep,
Dreaming about the things that we could be."

The music video is a bit strange... but I couldn't get the song out of my head. >.<  Enjoy! 

I guess wishes do come true...

have you ever wanted something so badly--wished for it even? 

have you ever been so passionate about wanting a dream to come true?


every night,


I stared at that clock,

squeezed my eyes shut,

and made the same wish.


and over,

and over. 

even on that very special day, I made the same wish...

and guess what?


that wish finally came true.


On September 13th of this year I met-- IN PERSON-- this girl <-- yep, that's right be jelly. 

 My family and I drove about two and a half hours to meet at our "half way point". Rosie and I texted and fangirled the whole way there. •-•  

After the drive, we then pulled into a Barnes and Noble parking lot and parked towards the back while Molly [ my dog ] looked around frantically, assuming we were going to just drop her off somewhere and leave. :P But of course, we did not do that because we love her so stinkin' much. •-•  

 As I stepped out of the car, I could not stop blushing or control that jittery feeling you get when it's Christmas eve mixed with nerves. 

Once we walked inside I tried to keep myself "busy" with looking at books, but that failed miserably when I noticed my family waiting excitedly by the giant window near the entrance, trying to guess which car was Rosie's family car or whatever. 

Finally, when the time came, I did not know what to do. So with that, I burst through the doors of le bookstore and into the arms of the most flawless girl I know, nearly knocking over her poor sister, then apologizing over and over again. 

^^ which sorta looked like this.  •-• *sniffles* Our first hug...  [ Nice shot Morgan. ;) ]

So, after we did our little family introducing--and I admired Rosie's flawless outfit--we sorta just wandered around the bookstore talking about random things. Very random things thanks to my sister, Lila. •-• We had discovered that she is also an Awko Taco just like Rosie and I. Now, I think we shall form an Awko Taco club that hangs out in bookstores sniffing books for a living. O.o  What do you think of that Rosie? •-•

^^ us, checkin' out "The Host" like a boss. •-• 

Left to right: Me, Rosie, and Koren photobombing.

^^^ here we are ( such a cute photo <3 ) in a Chipotle parking lot, after we had eaten and exchanged gifts.
....pssst, if you look closely at Rosie's flawlessness, you will see some glitter on her head and sweatshirt from my youngest sister [ Koren ] and I. ;)  

Both of us got each other "The Fault in Our Stars", except Rosie wrapped my book up in lovely green ( one of my many favorite colors ) tissue paper, and I sorta just left mine in the Barnes and Noble bag because I had just bought it an hour earlier. •-• 
She also put a lovely heart note [ whatever you call it ] on my gift that made my day. 

^^ I loved the #distanceproblems ;) Very beautiful handwriting my dear. <3 

And here comes the saddest part [ insert dramatic music ] : The good-bye hug.

^^ and then here we are... embracing our final hug before our departure. *sniffles and wipes cheeks* Th-that was the bestest hug a friend could ever have. *sniffles* excuse me for a moment, I'm getting emotional. ...*cough* Neeli, stop photobombing. It's ruining the moment. •-• 

We waved and blew kisses... then that was it. *sniffles* 

You honestly have no idea how long we've been waiting for that day. We did not want to finish this year without officially meeting each other and even though we only got to see each other for like three hours... IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. •-•  Now... I MISS YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS! COME BACK BABY, COME BACK AND LET ME HUG YOU ONCE MORE! \(•-•)/ ...don't worry Rosie, I'll make sure I bring the rope with me this time. ;)

Now, I'm going to copy cat you Rosie if that's okay. •-•
*clears throat and begins to type*

Rose is a very beautiful person.
not just in looks,
but in her heart and mind.
she is beautiful.
if you ever have the pleasure to interact with her, 
savor every moment of flawlessness you have with this astonishing soul. 
because, she truly is a very special person. 
especially to me.

I love you Rosie, 
more thank you'll ever fathom. <3 

Remember; If any of you are having a rough time and don't think any of your wishes would ever come true, think again. Mine did and I believe that your's can come true, too. Don't give up, keep wishing and dreaming and believing. 

{please check out Rose's post here. }

things to accomplish in life:

  • meet Rose [check]
  • hug her [check]
  • tell her I love her [check]

thanks for reading. <3 

new design || i'm back!

'ello my lovely cookies! 

two things;

I know this is late but... how do you like the new design?!?!?!!!!!! Gah! I'm so in love with it! *looks around at flawlessness* Oh Rosie, you always do the most amazing job ever. Thank you so much for-- *gestures around* all this. Also; don't you love our playful argument on the sidebar? ;) --->  
*sighs happily* Please everyone, give a great big round of applause to the magnificent Rose! *claps hands together* <---I pretty much just high fived myself for your work, Rosie. O.o 
Okay, okay, enough of me doting over the new design [ even though I've already looked at it about a billion times. <-- it's true. ] onto #2! 


Did y'all miss me? Did y'all forget me? Well I do know for sure is that I left with about 57 or 58 followers and came back to 62! Isn't that amazing?! I was not expecting that. Thank you guys so much! :D
Now, I assume you all are wondering where I had disappeared to. Right? Or no...? Either way, I'm tell you guys anyways. 
I went to Virginia with my grandparents for a week. We stayed near the mountains, which was very beautiful. It was fun and tiring, but we had a great time and made some new memories. :)
For three days in a row out of that vacation, we did a lot of historical touring. I took some photos on my camera but sadly, I can't upload them onto my laptop at the moment. >.< First we went to this civil war museum, which wasn't all just civil war stuff. It was good, but got a little bit boring quick. You pretty much walked inside this beautiful building and then you go through these maze like hallways that preserve real historical artifacts from the B.C. to the 1920s behind glass windows. Then the next day we went and toured these historical farms that are from different parts of the world. It was pretty cool! They let us touch stuff. :} AND milk a cow. Well, my siblings milked the cow. I just stayed back and watched where I stepped. •-• We did a lot of walking that day, thank goodness they had a golf cart thingy come pick us up before we realized we had to walk all the way back. 
Then the day after that we went to Thomas Jefferson's house. And might I say that that was my favorite. His house was amazing and very different from most old houses I've been in ( and I've been in a lot ). He was quite a man. I loved this bag in the gift shop with his quote "I cannot live without books" on it, but the bag was far too expensive for what you get. •-• 
So then in between all that, we went swimming in the big pool at the resort with the diving board to jump off of. And for our last day, we went to Virginia beach, swam in the ocean, got blizzards ( YUM ), then drove across this bridge that went over the ocean and into an under water tunnel then back up. •-•

here is a picture I managed to take on my phone of the ocean while we were driving over the bridge. A bit scary, eh?

After a long drive, a few stops along the way, and getting slightly lost because the road signs did not make any sense, nor did the maps-- we stopped at an iHop and had a very yummy breakfast dinner.

*drools as stomach growls* That there, is french toast with some kind of custard filling on the inside. It was pure heaven. 

After all of that--and a dreadful ride home--we made it back all in one piece. I swear, I could not stop eating that whole vacation. O.o Plus; I missed you all so much. I sorta wish I did bring my laptop with me but I wasn't sure whether to or not because we were going to be busy + I didn't want it to get smashed on the way there and back. That would be a very bad thing. •-•

I'm sorry if all that bored you to death. :P

Thank you to all that read it. <3 

p.s. a special post will be coming up soon. ;) 

-- freshening up --

hey guys! 

[ via ]

so, yeah... 
if you hadn't noticed, I am kinda taking a blogging break at the moment. 
And.... since I am taking a blogging break--plus it's a new season-- I decided that it is time for a new design! What do you think? 
I'm sure going to miss this one... *sniffles* it 'twas a beautiful, radiant, flawless blog design... But I am also quite excited for the new one because... The one and only Rose will be designing it!!!!! I'm so excited, I can't contain myself. O.o
Okay, so I just wanted to give you all a heads up because this blog is currently [ insert dramatic dark voice ] under construction.
I can't wait to come back to a new design.
And also; I am going on a short vacation soon, so I think all next week I will be busy. I'll update this post when I know the details. Or just check out my Google+. 

that's all! 

thanks for reading. <3 

hello and goodbye | | Summertime Sadness


i miss you guys. 
i feel like i've been so distant from you all--like, i haven't even replied to some of your comments.
sad, i know...
things have been sorta busy. and i'm just sorta stressed out. <-- I know, I sound like a total complainer. this is so unlike me! O.o  
and i've been waiting for some ideas to come to me and they just haven't yet. 
or maybe they have... i mean, i am posting right now, aren't i?


summer is over and i'm sad. go figure.
it's already cold outside. 
everyone is starting school. *sighs* 
this is honestly my least favorite season. >.< 
oh well...
hopefully I'll write more and get some ideas for posts. :)

hopefully September will be good to me...

please enjoy this song that fits the mood perfectly.

Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness 

I am absolutely in love with this song right now...

au revoir August 

bonjour September 


thanks for reading. <3 

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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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