a new year.

[ keep reading if you wanna check out some of the books i've read in 2013. ]




a new year. 
a fresh start.
another breath.

a lot has happened this year;


+ started my blog.
+ i turned 16.
+ i got my permit.
+ went to myrtle beach
+ went to two graduations.
+ watched my cousin dance on stage.
 + read... a lot.
+ took writing classes.
+ swam in the lake.
+ met [ in person ] the most amazing person ever.
+ dressed as katniss for halloween.
+ went to Virginia.
+ baked cookies.
+ played cards.
+ saw catching fire
+ ...some other things i cannot think of.

2013 was good. 2013 was okay.

what will 2014 be like?

first of all, I want to;

+ become a better blogger.
+ write more. 
+ be happier.
+ write... write... write.
+ post pictures of my drawings.
+ maybe even take an art class???

I hope to write a complete book this year, even if it's not edited. I just want to accomplish something with writing. 


now, since the new year is here... I'm hoping to get another new blog design. maybe learn a few designing tricks myself? and also; that means I have to remove the "2013 reading list off my sidebar". *sniffles* I'll miss that list. I read some amazing books this year. 

I read "Crewel" and "Altered" by Gennifer Albin. Now I gotta wait for the third book to come out. >.<

 I read "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. <-- ugh, I loved that book. <3

I read The "Matched" trilogy, and the Beautiful Creatures series. 

I read "The Selection" and "The Elite" by Kiera Cass. Ah, I can't wait for "The One". 

 I read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. <-- one of my all time favorites. 

I reread "Insurgent" and read "Allegiant". 

I read "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell. 
I got it for Christmas and finished it in less than 48 hours... that's how good it was. O-O

And last but not least, I just finished reading "My Life Next Door" by Huntley Fitzpatrick. 

So I've read about 17 books this year. Not including Rosie's. ;)

Now in 2014 I will be reading...

"Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" and "Looking For Alaska". 

What are your 2014 plans?

what did you like most about 2013?

Comment some book recommendations for me. :)

Hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

^^ thought my blog could use some fireworks. ;)

May the new year be ever in your favor. 

xx Mackenzie 

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happy birthday Rosie ♥

 Today is a very special day, because on this day, sixteen years ago-- at 12:29 pm-- my Rosie was born. <3 Yes, today is Rose's sweet sixteenth birthday! \(•-•)/

[ don't ask where I got this photo, just be glad I found one. •-• ]

"Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you... 
Happy Birthday dear Rosie, 
Happy Birthday to you."

*sniffles* She's growing up so fast. But don't worry Rosie, we're going to be young together-- forever and ever! •-• Yeah, be jelly. *coughs and clears throat* Anyways... I would like to do the honors of telling each and every one of you 16 things I love about the one and only Rose. *grins evilly and rubs hands together* Let's get started, shall we?


You are: AMAZING
Why? You always ask me that and I can never give you a good answer. You're just amazing, in so many ways. There's not one person like you, in a good way of course. I honestly love to look up to you. And I love all the things you do.

Not just in looks, but in way you are.

You are: CARING
You care about my feelings and about me. I deeply admire that. 

You are: WEIRD
Okay, I know what you're thinking and stop thinking that. Okay? Stawp. You are weird in the best way possible. It's more like even though when I'm weird you don't think I've gone crazy. We can both be weird with each other and I love that. 


You are: FUNNY

One of the main things I really love about you is your humor. You make me laugh in the best way, and I just love laughing. Make meh feel good. •-•

I swear, we were meant to be. •-•

I can trust you with honestly, anything. You are very understanding, which leads to the next one. •-•


Even when I don't make sense whatsoever. •-•

You are: LOVELY

you are what it means. •-•


You are: SWEET



Just take a look at her blog, you'll know what I mean. •-•

You are: [a] WRITER

And an amazing writer to be exact. <3

You are: CREATIVE 

You guys should see what she made me for Christmas, and if you don't believe me just check out her blog designs. O-O

You are: [a] FANGIRL

Oh yeah baby, up top. (•-•)/


You are: [a] FRIEND

My best friend. A wonderful friend. The kind of friend everyone should have. Thank you, for being mine. <3


You are: YOU

You are the best you there could be, so be you and always be you. <3 Because I love YOU. 
Rose my dear, you are a star. A star that I look up at and admire. There are over a million stars in the world, but none of them could ever amount to you, your star. 

I could have gone on forever, but my mind isn't cooperating with me right now. -_- But I hope you had a special birthday, because you deserve it. <3

Happy Birthday Baby. 

*hug attacks and glitter fights*


[ Merry Christmas Eve ]

hello my beautiful Cookies. <3 I thought I would share with you, two of my favorite Christmas songs.

Andy Williams - "It's the most wonderful time of the year"

Brenda Lee - Jingle Bell Rock

 Welp, guess what day it is...?!!?!?! You got it! Christmas Eve! \(•-•)/ 
I bet you all are very excited, I know I am. :} Tonight we are going to my grandparents house to have dinner and open up presents, and then tomorrow... I have no idea what we have planned tomorrow. O.o We're usually lazy on Christmas day and/or go to my grandparents house and to church. 
My grandma just got back from her stay at the hospital and is doing okay. Please keep her in your prays for me. <3 Thank you.

Hope you all have a family-filled day. <3

xx Mackenzie 

birthday wishes ♡

^^ I saw this beautiful birthday card on tumblr and I just had to use it. •-• 
I'm not sure who made it, but credits to whoever did. 

today I would like to wish my amazing Mama a very happy birthday. yes, I know, she doesn't like the attention on her birthday, but she doesn't have to know about my post. ;)

I just want to say that, Mama, you deserve to have the bestest birthday ever. You have done so much for me and I hope you know that I am grateful for that. <3


...*whispers* do you guys wanna see the card I made her? ;) ... •-• I'm pretty proud of it... I tried to make it a little different looking. I apologize if the photos are blurry... I just took them on my phone and the only lighting I had was from our Christmas lights. •-• 

(photo 1) here is the front with a bow to tie it shut... 
(photo 2) and here is what you see when you first open the first flap. <-- I don't even know if that's what I should call it. •-•

(photo 3) and here is what it looks like in the inside. it says "Have fun, eat cake." and on the right side of the card it says "I love you, Mama. xoxo, Child #1". •-• 
(photo 4) then there's the back. I got a little crazy with the watercolors. O.o

Sorry if I bored you all with my low quality photos. •-•  

random note: OHMYGOSH-- like all our snow is melted! D: It looks so gross outside. *sighs* I really wanted a nice white Christmas. Sorry for the complaining, having a white Christmas means a lot to me. o-o But hey, I have my family and that's all that matters. <3 *cough* plus, I have snow on my blog! So, I can live with that. •-• 

Hope you all are having a nice December. What are your holiday plans? :)

xx Mackenzie 

The Fault in Our Stars Official Movie Poster

 Today I thought I would talk about the official movie poster for TFIOS. 

My first reaction: *hyperventilates* ASDFGHJKL IT IS PERFECT. OHMYGOSH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

*coughs and clears throat* Yeah... •-• As you can see, I am very happy with this movie poster. But before I go on about its perfection, allow me to analyze over something. 
As you can see, in the tag line it says "One sick love story". Punny, right? When I first saw it I wasn't sure if I was too found of this tag line. For those who have read the book or have heard about this book obviously know what it is about. But allow me to say something based off of something I read on tumblr, about this pun. 
"One sick love story" that is absolutely something Hazel and Augustus would say, don't you agree? Because in the book, Hazel and Augustus joke about their illness to lighten the very dark situation. Also; John Green answered on his tumblr that he likes the tag line and said that he found it dark like Hazel is ( sometimes ) in her humor. 
The tag line is suppose to let us know that this isn't going to be all dramatic and romantic, this is also going to be humorous. 

Now for my favorite part. •-• [There may be spoilers] ...*sobs* THIS MOVIE POSTER IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS I HAVE EVER LAID MY EYES ON. ASDFGHJKL; PERFECTION AT ITS FINEST. AND; If you turn the picture sideways, you can see that their heads are in the shape of the clouds on the cover of the book.
^^^ see?! \(•-•)/
And look at how, while Hazel has her eyes closed, Augustus' eyes are open and he's just looking at her like she's the most amazing thing ever. Also like h-he knows what's going to happen. *sniffles* A-and he's looking at her like she is all he needs, even with the circumstances, he could be the happiest person in the world just by knowing that he loves her. L-like... like he doesn't have to die an honorable death, he could die peacefully just by having the thought of knowing that he is in love with Hazel Grace. 

*sniffles* Oh gosh, I'm making myself cry. •-• Alright, that's all from me. Just thought I would give out my opinion. 

Happy Holidays!

xx Mackenzie 

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"You and I"

yes, I know, ANOTHER One Direction song. But I can't help it, I'm in love with their new album,
Midnight Memories! \(•-•)/ 

One Direction - You and I

enjoy. <3

yay & nay [12]


- Christmas is almost here! >.<

- SNOW. <3

- Dangerous Dream is almost out. O-O

- Christmas music on repeat.

- Writing.


My baby's voice. <3 Oh how I've missed it. 


- My feet are cooollldddd...

- wanting to talk to someone but not sure if they want to talk to you. *le sigh*

- Allegiant feelz... *whispers* it hurts. 

- Writing. 

- Needing to find time to reply to my comments. 

the crazy ones

"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." 

- Apple Inc. 

[ image via tumblr / quote via goodreads ]


 Of Monsters and Men - Silhouettes

enjoy <3

all I want for Christmas is...

[ I copy cat-ed Heather's post over at her blog, so you might want to check out her post first. ;)  >>clicky here<< ]

"All I want for Christmas is..."

you. [ Josh Hutcherson ]

you. [ or Peeta Mellark ]

you. [ Tobias Eaton ]

you. [ Ansel Elgort or Augustus Waters ]

you. [ Spider-Man or Andrew Garfield ]

also you. [ Harry Styles ]

you. [ Niall Horan ]

you. [ Ian O'Shea ]

and you. [ Jared Howe or Max Irons ]

also... Prince Maxon and Erik Bell.

So as you can see, this Christmas I want a lot of fictional characters! \(o_o)/ 
...but if I can't have them, I just want books. •-•

[ photos via Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google ]

p.s. ...I forgot to do my 'yay and nay' post. -_- Oh well. •-•

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I love you, Kenzie. -Rosie

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